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I've done it, I've finally completed the couch to 5k challenge. So proud of myself, never ever thought I'd be able to run for 5mins never mind complete 5k and now I've done 5k twice this week already. Yahoo!!!

I'm 53, very overweight and had never ran till a few months ago, so if I can do it anyone can. Go on give it a go, just take it very slowly and if you find one week difficult do it again till you feel confident. Don't worry about speed or distance just concentrate on keeping going for the time set for the week.

Now I'm looking forward to my next 5k run on Friday. Is this really me talking or have I been taken over by aliens?

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I do love to read success stories like this!!. I'm 56, rather overweight and haven't run for years and years.

I have just done W1R2 and cann't ever imagine running for more than a minute, but blogs like yours give me hope!

Thank you


Congrats! Like springsteen above I firmly believe 5K to be utterly impossible, stories like yours give me glimmer of hope.


Congratulations! It is great to hear how well you are doing and it gives inspiration to others.

Let us know how you get on post graduation :)


Well done - I have just about managed 30 mins running and I know it is nowhere near 5k. Cant wait to achieve the 5k. Must keep going...............


well done and great that you can run the 5k as well at this point.


Yay, well done ! Everyone has it in them to do a 5k and this plan is the way to get there :-)

Now you just need to sign up for a race ...

Hmmm, I started this plan thinking it would be nice to be able to have a little jog on a regular basis; I'm not competitive so I'll never want to race......What has happened to me ?


Congratulations! You nailed it when you said "Don't worry about speed or distance just concentrate on keeping going for the time set for the week." We seem to think we should hit the magic 5K effortlessly / instantly but I think that keeping going is what is important - the 5K will happen later.


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