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Post Grad Week Runs - 3 x 5K :-)

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Pleased with my first week of running following my graduation last week. I've done 3 runs all of which were 5K. The first 2 runs were 10min running and then 1min walking which were repeated until I covered 5K. Tonights run I decided to go for it and did my run without stopping, VERY pleased about that one, actually did 5.25k :-)

Very strange... my 5K time for the walk/run 5k's weer quicker than the run without the walks... not what I was expecting!

Got to admit that i'm pretty tired now and can feel that I have pushed myself. Think I might step back a bit for the next couple of runs and perhaps just go out for 20-30 mins just to try and add some more stamina.

Still can't' believe that just over 2 months ago I was well and truly on the couch and struggled to run for 60secs.... how things change... no going back now :-)

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Good to know there is life after c25k lol!But seriously I enjoyed reading your post as it is encouraging to read of successes on the plan.I have also wondered about when(not if) I complete it I will still have the motivation.Your post grad runs seem a good idea..

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Great stuff, well done.

Take it steady though, don't overdo it.

:-) xx

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Good going there Andy. I think you're really wise to throttle back to 20-30 minute runs to build up your stamina. :) Running too far too soon has sent too many of us to the dreaded injury couch shortly after graduation. Happy running

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AndyDGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Think you are right... so far had no injuries, so think working on stamina for a couple of weeks may be beneficial.

Sounds like you are going great guns there Andy. I know that when I had to walk in one of my runs it didn't really affect my time. Those little walk breaks probably mean you can up the pace a little bit on the running sections.

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Congrats on a solid week of running and your continuous 5 k! And you're absolutely right about the walk-runs. It's a mental shock when you realize that the walking bits do help to speed you up :)

That is weird isn't it ? My walk/run time at our local hilly park run is faster than the only time I managed to run round the whole way (..and I was so pleased to have run all the way but gutted with the slow time !!!) Keep up the good work !

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