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Week 9 Run 3 completed!!!!!! I can't quite believe it!

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Wow. Is all I can say. I've just run week 9 Run 3 and I did it! I'm in shock! And shattered!  And my exclamation usage is through the roof!!!!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the support and encouragement and tips that kept me going. After my hell on earth week 7 and the tears that flowed I never dreamed I'd get to a stage I could run for 30 minutes. 

Still have only done one 5K but I don't care...I'll keep running and increasing slowly til I can run 5K each time. I'm at 4.25km so not far to go. 

Today was tough, very warm, my husband said think if you can run in this heat think how easy you'll find it when conditions are favourable. Felt very sick afterwards.  

I've lost inches, 20lbs (more to lose though),  my knees and legs much stronger. My IBS has improved immensely and my thyroid meds optimal.  I feel great. Fantastic and very proud 😀

It may be the end of C25K but certainly not the end of my running hobby... Onwards and upwards!  


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Wow! Fantastic achievement! Well done! And use those exclamation marks with pride! 😀

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Woohoo congratulations 😀

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Congratulations! That a whole cornucopia of benefits... and you've earned them all.

Especially well done for a graduation run in this heat.

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Knew you would do it! CONGRATULATIONS!

Very well done... you have achieved so much... now go get that badge and bask in the glory x

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KT304Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you so much everyone, and thank you Oldfloss for your support! 

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Big congratulations 😊

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Fantastic job there well done & especially with all those other achievements thrown in alongside.

No stopping you now! Happy running 🙂

Congratulations KT...😊😊whoop whoop.

Knew you would make it..x

Don't forget to get your badge, you have earned it. Well done you.🎉🎉🎉

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Congratulations!!!!!!! (Just a few extra for you...!!!!!) You deserve them, a brilliant achievement. :-)

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KT304Graduate in reply to dottiemay

You gotta love an exclamation mark! 

Sore knees today...I did fancy running on to a 5k but got to the end and just wanted to lay down haha!

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Congratulations Kate! You did a wonderful job, get your badge and wear it proudly :)

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Perfect, just perfect, I can see my badge now :-) Thank you so much, truly very grateful and appreciate all your help and support!

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Well done KT. What an achievement!

Well done KT, bask in the glow, you deserve it!

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Congratulations KT! Another new graduate. Any plans for the future?

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KT304Graduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

Indeed, to continue the 30 mins for a few weeks and hope to make that 5K mark.  I was also looking at Park runs and I have a few local ones to choose from. I also crazily entered the ballot for next years London marathon... I don't know what possessed me!  

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Congratulations graduate - I hope you are feeling very proud!

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Late to reply, but Congratulations!  It is a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

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Fantastic KT !

This is just the beginning, the skys the limit now :-)

Many Congratulations to you , you should be very very proud of yourself ! :-)

Happy Running ! :-) xxx

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Thank you poppypug,  have completed another run this week, but after my whooping about how good my tummy was I got a flare again! Going to grab a run tomorrow but always will stick with 3 a week 😀

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Absolutely thrilled for you!

Well done 🎉🎉🏃🏻

You don't know me but I am proud of you! Keep up your new lifestyle, the sun is shining !!

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