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Elated, yet deflated

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Hi guys,

I've been around 'lurking' since about week 5 and have been inspired and helped by all the advice and encouragement given to others at the same stage as me.

I have now completed the programme, and as my title suggests I was like "wow I've done it" but also feeling disappointed that I haven't achieved what I set out to - 5k. The programme does suggest that you will go from couch to 5k. I know from reading on here that the aim is really to run for 30 minutes. I've done that, which is amazing for a 40+ who has never run before, not even at school but I'm nowhere near 5k. Think it will take me at least as long again to get anywhere near! They should call it coach to 30 mins :)

Not sure what to do next, don't want to work towards 10k, really couldn't face running for that long. For now I will continue with 30 minute runs, and if I can ever get my breath perhaps try to speed up a little.

Just wanted to say Thank you for all the posts, even when they're not to you personally they are still immensely helpful xx

16 Replies

Hey, well done. You should soo be celebrating.

Don't be deflated at all. You have run for 30 minutes. Think back to week 1 and how that seemed so unthinkable.

The distance of 5k will come. Don't worry about the timing. Just keep going with your 30 mins and if you feel OK, add a little on.

HUGE congrats

Jules x


Congratulations! Don't feel deflated - few of us manage 5k in 30 mins by the time we graduate. The world is your oyster now - you can consolidate, work on speed, try trail running, park run, races, distance. Mix it up and see what will keep you motivated. Give all, enjoy!


If you are disappointed you're aren't running 5k yet, how about working up to running 5k as your next goal?

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The first time I ran 5km I did it in 39.5 mins and then was at an event. Havent got anywhere near that time since. But I can now run for longer in order to do the 5km, and up hills as well as over some tough terrain. I think the title of the programme is because it's catchy! And so many charity events are 5km!

My latest challenge is I have found a stretch that is exactly 1km long and I am going to do that a couple of times a week (alongside normal runs) as fast as I can to mix up the fitness levels. Someone on here says it takes between 18 months and 2 years to stop being a newbie....so im just enjoying my new skills!

Keep going...try joining a running club...done me the world of good!


We would have to b super quick to cover 5K in 30 minutes! I tested out if I could run 5K and did it twice in 43 mins. I suffered for it though, legs ached like mad, served me right for being a show off!! Now I am back on week 8, run 2 tomorrow and will follow the programme to the end. I will then increase my running time to do 5 k once a week. We could do 5k just not that fast, b very proud 😀. Julie


So if it might take you as long again to get to 5k - that's another 9 weeks. There's your next target. Just add a little to each week's run, it doesn't have to be very far. I used to detour down side streets, then double back to my main route to add a few extra metres. That's all it takes.

You will do it if you set your mind to it, not in 30 mins quite probably, but who cares about the time?! Go on - you know you want to! ;-)


Well done, it's a great achievement.

My graduation run was 3.4k in 30 mins. I'm up to 4k in 30 mins.

I ran my first 5k in 44:59.

If the 5k thing bothers you, then add a few minutes onto one of your runs each week until you hit 5k.

For now glory in your awesomeness !!

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Hi, and welcome - it's nicer in here than in the shadows :-) Congratulations on finishing - you should be proud of yourself! Hardly anyone hits 5K in 30 minutes when they graduate - that's what you work on afterwards! Yu'll surprise yourself as much as you have on your journey from zero running to 30 minutes non stop - soon you'll hit five k, then you'll want to do more.Believe me. And more importantly, believe in yourself. You don't seem to want to say it, but the fact that you finished C25K makes you one awesomely great person. xxx

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Firstly, well done!! You are now officially a runner! Don't be deflated you've gone from running 60 seconds to 30 full minutes! Awesome!

I can't run 5K in 30 minutes...not everyone can. There are two choices, increase the distance/time you run or increase your pace, which ever you choose do it gradually and set yourself an achieveable goal...but most of all enjoy it and be proud!!


Thanks guys

I am pleased with how far I've come in a relatively short space of time and will stick with it 3 times a week for the 30 mins for a couple of weeks, then decide whether to try to speed up or add on a couple of mins each week til I hit that magic number.


Hi, I finished the C25K and wasn't sure what to do next. I stuck with week 9 for a while but it was getting a bit repetitive and although I was gradually getting further I wasn't really making much headway. I then found the free NHS 5k+ which features Laura again and helps you to increase your pace. I have just done the first one called Stepping Stone. Might be worth a go?


Yep the C25k+ Stepping Stones podcasts are fab-u-lous and will move your running on no end! Still with good old Laura too, so you'll be on familiar territory

Have fun!


I'll look them up thanks - depends if you have to listen or if you there's a visual. I run with the phone propped up on the treadmill but cant hear it as the music in the gym is so loud, not keen on headphones.... but I may be able to adapt



Jeleybelly, many congratulations on your graduation. Don't forget to claim your graduate badge by going to the pinned posts at the right hand side of the page. :) :)

Really, don't worry about the 5k in 30minutes thing, I've never managed it and, to be honest, I doubt I ever will. If you're looking for a new challenge, you could try gradually extending your distance to 5k, or maybe you could try doing one of your runs each week outside, instead of on a treadmill. Whatever you decide, enjoy yourself and remember, we can all get better and faster with practice but the important thing is not to expect too much too soon. Patience is a virtue x


Hi I hope you're still out there and running. I suggest- nay, recommend!- parkrun on a Saturday morning at 9am (9.30 in Scotland). It's a free event, you register online, there are lots of locations and it's a 5K course marked out for you. You can run your 30 mins and walk the rest; run / walk it; or run the whole thing but go deliberately slowly... or any way round, really. It's inspirational to be running with others, non-competitively, and you can gradually increase / improve :)

ps I've only done one parkrun and I already think it's brilliant :)


thanks Rainshine - I was awol for a spell - taking my daughter to Uni

Parkruns are not something I'd want to try to be honest, need flat even paths to avoid twisting my ankles!

Have fun on your next one x


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