Week 1 completed :)

Week 1 completed :)

Just finished my final run of week 1 and I feel good and rather smug- I even ran in the rain today. Week 2 podcast looks a little harder but so far I am determined to keep going. I found as running got a bit easier I then pushed myself too hard and ran too fast which meant my heart rate hammered in my ears and I felt like I was going to die. It recommends a "light jog" so I guess I'll have to be better at sticking at that or else I'll face that awful d word- defeat!

I have included the picture of a lobster to show what I most resembled after my run today.... anyone relate??

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  • Well done for getting through it. I also just did the last run of week 1 today, and was about to ask you how you got my picture, until I read it's meant to be a lobster. Oh well LOL

  • well done strudel. you have taken a positive step. Yes the weeks get a little harder but that is the point of it. keep the "can do" attitude and you will get through W2. I felt exactly the same blogged it and i am about to embark on W4R1(in about 10 minutes).I think i will be the same colour as your lobster after that!

  • well done I think week 1 is one of the hardest as everything is so new but thats behind you now.

  • Well done for completing week 1. :) try running slower in week 2 it should help with your breathing, you can do this

  • I look just like that by halfway through my run (just done W1 R2)

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