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Starting week2. Really big fail yesterday!


I woke up yesterday feel pretty rubbish, but I thought that shouldn't be excuse I've gotta get outt there and do it. I started off and I didn't finish I my body would be able to but my mind wasn't on it and I did one of the worst things you can do, I stopped. I don't know what happened, I know I can do it as I'm finding wk1 a lot easier now. Its like I've Psyched myself out. I'm actually about to go for a run now, trying so hard to feel positve but my brains letting me down! Any tips on how to keep positive and feel motivated would be greatly appreciated. I really do want to do this!

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That's not nearly the worst thing you could do, you didn't throw in the towel and never go again. Unfortunately the best thing is to have one or two if these and realise that the next one (or maybe the one after that) is just fine and a tough run is just a tough run, the moment passes.

You are in good company, not that it makes you feel better probably, but we all have bad run scars to show :-D. It'll be fine, you are going the best thing you can and heading out there again and even the tough run was better than doing nothing.

Hi Kelly - don't think of it as a fail, think of it as a learning curve. Your body is learning to do something new and in the beginning it will struggle. However, if you plod on (no matter how slowly) you WILL get there. Think about your reasons for wanting to run and remember them all the time. If you read a lot of the blogs on here you will realise that the brain can play nasty tricks on you. Just carry on and in a few weeks, you will feel better about what you're doing and it will come easier. Good luck.


I found week 2, run 1 much harder than week 1, and really didn't think I could do it. Run 2 of week 2 was just as bad, and I thought I would be stuck on week 2 forever. Then run 3 was just a little easier, and after lots of encouragement here, I tried the first run of week 3 yesterday. I did it and was thrilled! To fight off those mental demons, not to mention the tiredness, gives you such a buzz. Keep at it. Repeat any runs you feel you need to and when you have successfully completed three runs, move onto the next week and give it a go, even if you think you can't. You will get there eventually. Best of luck. :)


I found week 1&2 very hard never thought I would get any where what a laugh me starting a running programme but I did go on as you will do and there will be lows but many highs too.

Well done for getting out there again

Thanks for your great comments its really reassuring to know that people have been there and motivating me to continue! Update on my run: It was a struggle to push the little demon out of my brain, but I pushed through, did it and I feel great :)


I really struggled with week two, to the point i threw an almighty tantrum and nearly quit luckily the good people on here talked me out of it. Today i ran the first run of week 4 and enjoyed every minute. Honestly if you stick to it it will get easier, although from what i read that annoying little voice in our heads (some on here have named him Jack) will make the occasional appearance and try to stop you. Just keep trying

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