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Massive fail and no reason why

It's like one of those phone calls you meant to do but the longer you didn't make it the harder it became to actually do it, I'm referring to the fact that due to missing a week in July I've never got back into the routine of getting my backside out and running again, why? I've no idea. I can feel it that I've stopped running and am more than a little annoyed with myself, so the question is do I start from week one again or recap a couple of runs from week three then straight back onto week four.

There I confessed! Didn't want to have to admit it but hey if I can't be honest about my runs or lack of them I'll be cheating myself and those on here who do run.

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Don't beat yourself up, it's happened, things happen, get back out there!

I had to stop at week 5 due to my knees for three weeks, I went back to week 3 and started back up from there.

If you're not sure try a week 3, then decide after that run, stick with that week or drop back or jump forward. You'll know from that run.

Go on, pull them trainers on, you know you'll feel better, otherwise your gonna keep beating yourself up. Enjoy :-)


Yeah, come on Grat ... get back out there! I'm a middle-aged, obese grandmother and I'm running now ... if I can be bothered to get my backside out of the chair, so can you!

Don't sweat the small stuff (which week shall I start from?), just put your running shoes on and GO! :)


These things happen, now that you got your confession out of the way, get your running shoes on! You can do it! :-)

I'd start week run, see how it feels, move on to week 2 with the next run if it felt comfortable, and on to week 3 next run if you feel it is doable. Doesn't really matter, as long as you get out there and run. Well done you for getting the courage together again to re-start.


Thanks for the encouragement, funny really its put me right in the mood for a run, have to wait till I get back from work tho


Go for it,we're all with you!


So just got back from doing a week 3 refresher (couldn't get out last night but that's ok as I'm a morning person anyway) boy do I feel it, got through it but I think i'll do a couple more 3's before I move onto 4. Surprised at how much I backslid. All in all though I'm knackered but do feel great about it. Thx for the motivation :)


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