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Graduated Yesterday !


Honestly I'm chuffed :-) But I do have mixed feelings, 'cos I feel a little bit of an anti climax too. I've really enjoyed running. I always thought it was the one thing I would never do! It's been great to start meeting others on here too!

What next? consolidate with the C25K+ I'm looking at one of my GPS App. training programmes 'cos it involves alot of intervals and timed runs rather than distances, and then maybe 10K and then a HM .... where do we stop?

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Well done that is such an achievement. I am the same as you and never thought I would enjoy it but I have a cant wait to get out there for my next run. I have continued running and have now signed up for a 10k in April. Quite excited about it now. I am running now 7.24k this morning which is ny furthest. Hope you find something to keep you going and a new goal. All the best

willowwolfGraduate in reply to Snats

That's amazing :-) I'd like to aim for 10 k too. Good luck

Massive congratulations, here is your well deserved badge :)

Congratulations willowwolf


Thank-you all - love my badge :-)

flossieflyblowGraduate in reply to willowwolf

Well done! The app that you have found sounds like a good idea as it's nice to have something that challenges you as we all seem to have benefitted form the actual mental challenge of C25K. Why don't you intersperse doing the app with a weekly run for pleasure?


Congratulations! You'll get over the anti-climax once you start being your own taskmaster! There are the follow on podcasts you can do for speed etc. which are good but you could also try looking up your local 5k Parkrun. That should give you the motivation to keep going. Good luck Willowwolf! :-)


Well done. I feel more motivated now after graduating. As Jenwrenarm said, try the other podcasts. I think working on strength and flex podcasts or doing your own type of those will all help with the running.

Congratulations. Xx


Well done!! What a great site! Good luck for the next stage :)


Woohoo! Well done willow wolf :)


Thank you all folks. You're right - The anti-climax has been gradually replaced with the realisation that I'm a RUNNER now :-)

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