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Week 9 run 1 done and the end is in sight

Well, well, well! I can run for 30 minutes and still have enough puff to jump for joy. This morning was blissfully sunny at 7.30 a.m. here in Paris and a lovely 16°. I managed the run with no major problems - legs painfree, breathing under control after the first five minutes - and was even suprised when Laura said that there were only 60 seconds left to go. Luckily I timed it all so that I was running slightly downhill at that point and could do a final sprint for the first time ever. I could hardly walk straight afterwards, of course, but it boded well for the future!

A word to all of you in the early stages of the programme. Enjoy every run, every hurdle, every struggle, because it goes by so quickly and you sort of forget some of the joy of the process. We all know how hard it is most of the time to keep going, to overcome the painful joints, to gasp for breath, but what a feeling of achievement when we do. In the end it makes us stronger and we are achieveing things we never thought possible. Nine weeks ago I was a virgin runner - no sport since leaving school 33 years ago. Now look!

Good luck to all of us, and I'm looking out especially for my fellow runners at the end of week 8 and into week 9. Can't wait to see our graduate badges and the open road before us.

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Well done. I agree it's easy to forget what a change this programme has made.

I'm envious of 16deg first thing. We've barely been managing that as a daytime max.


Thanks. Yes, it's nice to be a bit warmer in the morning, but it means that by the afternoon it's 25° and then too hot - for me at least. I quite like cool and rain for running about.


Whoop Whoop!! Well done you, that's fantastic but you've worked really hard to get where you are and deserve it. How is your sister doing? Very jealous, of course but I will get there.


Of course you'll get there really soon!It's only a question of time.

My twin is doing great. We managed to do w8r2 together when she came to visit. Sadly it was cold and wet here in Paris so she went home with a snorting cold, and has had to put off week 9 until she can breathe. I'm soldiering on for the both of us. As we're identical twins my being able to run 30 minutes means she is genetically capable of doing it too!

Let us know how you get on - good luck!


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