Detour - Week 9 Run 1 and 2

I done my week 9 run 1 a couple of days ago and unlike all my other weeks where I took the same path, I took a (planned) detour half way into my run so that I can pop into Wickes to buy some paint (which was the best colour by the way, bright yellow!). I think the different route made the 30 minutes fly by and it was great seeing new scenery. :)

I completed my week 9 run 2 yesterday and I feel like it was slightly harder than run 1 but not as hard as week 5 run 3! :) I just wish that there was a different podcast for week 9 run 1 and 2, and week 9 run 3 because hearing Laura (yup, I'm still using Laura!) say bye at the end makes me feel weepy (in a good way!) :D

I calculated that for the first run I ran 4.04km in 30 minutes and for the second run I ran 4.14km in 30 minutes (which I'm quite proud of) :) I feel that given a couple of weeks I will be able to run 5km in 30 minutes since that's quite a lot of progress :D

P.S. Only 1 more run!!!!! :D :D :D


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  • Aww. Yes graduation is so good but saying goodbye to Laura is hard. Good thing she's on the stepping stones podcasts.

    Looking forward to that graduation post.

  • Thanks :D

    Yeah, I was going to do the speed part of the stepping stones since I know I'm not speedy at all! :)

  • I can sense your excitement! Just enjoy that graduation run and relish every single moment and then come on here and tall us all about it.

  • I am very excited and will enjoy it :D

    I'll definitely post all about it :)

  • I found run 3 of week 9 was the best, so hope you will enjoy it! Once I was doing straight runs without breaks, I tried without Laura and it was fine, you can listen to ur music or just be nosey in a new place,math at always makes time go faster. Your times are super speedy by the way, well done. My little legs are plodding away but still proud I can run three times a week for 30 minutes without puffing and panting! Julie

  • I'm hoping it will be the best :D

    I'll be using my music once I graduate, I would have liked to use thed app but my phone doesn't have enough memory :)

    I feel like I plod along up to the last couple of minutes where I go really fast :) I feel like I breathe really loudly though, I've tried in through my nose and out through my mouth but my nose decide it wants to run with me and makes it hard xD

  • Hard not to breathe through my mouth but don't want to eat flies! I'm going to try a 20 minute run once a week just focussed on speed, might help me to step up my pace a bit. Now I've graduated, finding out how to improve fitness a bit more! πŸ˜„

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