Week 7 Run 1 - Parkrun

Up in lovely sunny Elgin, I combined week 7 with a Parkrun. Got a little (...) carried away with the race; I would argue I got boxed in behind a very athletic woman pushing a buggy and a gaggle of others.

Well to cut a long story short, I exceeded my own optimistic target and came in around 27:30.  The first k was a little over 5 minutes and I managed to maintain that pace for the whole first lap, tiring towards the end.

I feel great; physically and mentally.  Just over a month ago I winced at the thought of having to run for 90 seconds, and 3 minutes was a major mental barrier. I used to read in awe at the exploits of others, and look forwards to the day when I could run 5k without stopping, with a side target of sub-30. To achieve that part way through the program shows that for us more competitive minded, it works. And then some!!!

Go for it. Keep going. Get out and run!!!

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  • Brilliant !! Nothing else you can say, you should be very proud of yourself and  be wearing a huge smile , well done :D

  • I am! 🤓

  • Wow! That's really fast. Take care not to over do it - very impressive!

  • I was aiming for a sub-30, but never planned for it today.  The conditions were right and the opportunity was there.  I must admit I did scare myself a little when I saw the splits...

    I will revert to a slower pace for the rest of my runs, but having got that (unofficial) milestone out of the way, I can now plan for graduation!

  • Wow, what an impressive time!

    If that is what you can do at W7, surely you are destined to a great running career!

  • I might have left it a little late, as I am past my mid-40s, but I am highly surprised at my times. I do remember someone  trying to get into the Olympics in their 40s, but I don't think I will be trying to emulate that!

    i have always found an excuse not to run, mainly because I couldn't as a teenager. Just shows what a positive attitude can do!

  • Wow, that's great.  I'm about to start week 7 and I'm like you. 6 weeks ago I couldn't conceive of running for 25 minutes. Congratulations.  

  • Well done for you result at the parkrun,  but some of us are following the programme to avoid injury, always time to speed up once we graduate. 

  • I think it is important to follow the program, and I am, with the only addition of increasing my last run time where I have the energy, time, and opportunity. 

    I don't know where the speed has come from. As a teenager, my fastest 1.5 mile was 9:45, so it's not as if I have (had?) any natural ability...

  • Glad I am not competitive...wheww....but well done you.. Agree with Ully.. make sure you don't push too hard :)

  • Back to my relatively sedate pace for Monday...

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