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Week 9 run 1 -- done?

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I did w9r1 today, although I'm not sure if it really counts. I walked twice (once for 20 seconds and once for 40 seconds), and to make up for it I added 2.5 minutes of fast running at the end. Does it count as a week 9 run?

I've been doing C25K since February. Since then, I've finished school and I'm about to move and start a job. It just seems sort of fitting, then, that I should graduate from this program before all that happens (maybe that's silly), which means I need to finish this week. I guess it doesn't matter too much -- I'll redo the run if I have to, I'd rather complete the program properly than cheat my way to a graduation badge.

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You are so, so, so CLOSE!!!!!! Personally I don't think it matters or not -- only for you to say what matters. I "barely" finished the final week of C25K -- but since then have gone on to running at least 5ks 3 times per week. Sometimes I will run an "easy" 5k in around 40 minutes -- and at other times when I give it a good GO!!, I can do it 7 minutes quicker :)

It is good that you want to fully complete the programme. I suggest you have a good think about why you stopped to walk for those very short times?? Were you out of breathe? Were your legs aching? Was it just a "psychological thing". I am currently doing the B210K programme - with that programme , you have to run for 10 minutes 4 times over with a minutes walk between each run segment. I am convinced that the 1 minute walks do not do much to assist in the overall running of 4x10mins=40 mins. They are more of a "psychological" break -- just so when your mind is telling you ENOUGH, you can have a short break. In time, if I run these 40 minutes runs often enough, one day I will run the whole 40 minutes non-stop (Actually, I can already! :) )

Next time you try this W9D1 run -- instead of stopping completely to walk for just 20 seconds, try just accepting the fact that you are struggling and slow your pace right down to the slowest you can but still running!!! You will get there !!! In fact, the object is to run for 30 minutes -- not at any particular pace, so the slower you can do it, the more likely you won't feel the need to take a short walk!! :)

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AncientMumGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Wise words Bazza

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Very wise words from Bazza! Slow is the new fast! It's all about finding your pace especially when you reach the longer runs. You have to find the correct pace for you - and read what your body is telling you.

As I completed the program with a dog Id sometimes had the odd little few second walk to deal with dog related issue, I just tacked on a few minutes at the end and ticked it off. I think only you can say if you completed it or not, think about why you walked, sometimes it's unavoidable to avoid an obstacle and that's life and ok.

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to spoonierunning

Like waiting for traffic lights to change when running Grrrr!!

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Yes, there's a difference between walking because you can't run any more (TBH if you can walk you can run - it's just a different movement) and because you need to do up a shoelace or pick up a canine offering.

The object of the exercise is to be able to sustain a run for 30 minutes and that's all about belief. It sounds as though you don't quite believe it yet. (This is partly why you're asked to do it 3 times, hard to argue with the fact you can do it at that point) I hope Bazza's excellent suggestion will make all the difference - smaller steps help, run on the spot if you need to. However, were you to go out and complete 30 minutes of continuous running twice, I think I'd possibly feel it a tad harsh to insist you had to postpone your graduation until you've got your move over etc and can do a 3rd, if that's going to be a while.

That's the funny thing... it's not really about the running, it is learning how not to stop!

I have just been speaking to a friend of mine who has completed many marathons and ultra marathons. I was telling him that I am struggling with keeping running, and not having to walk/stop part way. "So what?" Was his reply. "At least your out there doing it. I often stop, have a rest, have a drink, admire the scenery. When I do my longer runs of 25-30 miles I often take my sandwiches with me and stop in the hedgerow to eat them" this guy is well into his 60's and only started running in his 50's.

Like this guy says. Your out there doing it. That is what really matters at the end of the day

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In my opinion you completed W9r1. 20s and 40s walk didn't give your body long enough to recover and you got no benefit really.

Baz is right of course. Next time, slow your running down if you feel the need to walk, but keep running. Make sure you are adequately fuelled and watered before these longer runs.

Good luck withW9r2.

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I would say it also depends on the terrain you are on, and the weather during the run.

If you are running up-hills and down-dales, or are on rough terrain, then it is different to someone runing on smooth tarmac downhill all the way. Also, if it was hot (and it has been hot here lately) then that should alos be taken into account. We all know that running in hot weather isn't as nice as running in cool weather....

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A lot of sense is being said here, some of which I'm taking on board too!

Absolutely you have completed your first w9 run. Finishing the programme is just the beginning of your new lifestyle so what are a few seconds here and there. You'd have to do it to cross a road, get round a pram, herd of cows you name it.

The psychological benefit of those few seconds can be enough to get you through the rest of the the run. Your body doesn't get chance to recover in that time but your brain does

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So I took Bazza's advice and thought about why I walked. Two reasons, one psychological and one physical. The first reason was to take a sip of water (I normally wait until I'm finished). The second is exactly what Pollynorris says, getting a bit of a mental rest without stopping for long enough for my body to recover. It seemed to make the rest of the run easier and at least a little more pleasant. I think when I graduate I'm going to incorporate short walks (30 seconds or so) into my runs; I feel like I tend to push myself more when I give myself room to slack off.

I did my next week 9 run this afternoon (I did stop for 15 seconds for some water). I was thinking about the psychological aspect of running, and I realized when I hit 30 minutes that I still had a good amount of energy left in the tank, so I kept going to prove to myself that I didn't need to stop. At first I was just going to do 5 extra minutes, but I ended up running until I hit 5K! It was 42 minutes of running in total, and it feels great to know that I can do that.

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Bazza1234Graduate in reply to EmB24

So now you KNOW you can do it -- because you HAVE done it!! :)

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