Pain in my hip??

I did wk3R2 today - not a good monday morning but finished it- but I have - and have had almost since starting the program - sore hips - not my groin or thighs but the front of my hip bone, both sides (I am female if that makes a difference!). It really is the strangest place to ache and have never had it before. I am not a great one for exercising but have done bits in the past - but never "running". Just wondered who else had this - this site has taught me I am never alone :-) - and whether any suggestions to alleviate it.


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5 Replies

  • That's so weird, I did wk3r2 on Saturday, and had a similar soreness in my hips towards the end of the workout. It's settled down now, but I'm due to do wk3r3 this evening & I'm wondering if it'll happen again. I didn't have it on any of the previous sessions, so thought it might be the increased distance. I'm hoping my previously exercise phobic body will get used to the new demands I'm making of it. I'm female too, btw. Can't offer any suggestions for alleviating it I'm afraid, but thought you'd like to know you're not alone!

  • I don't know for sure but I have a suggestion. The area you're talking about could be the ligaments running down on either side of the pelvis. Pregnant women complain of ligament pain just in that spot when the belly starts to get bigger. The ligaments are stretched by the growing womb pushing out and weighing down. Do you - like me - have a bit of a tummy to cart about? If so, it could be the action of running that drags down. I don't have any running-based soltutions, but maybe other bloggers do. I imagine there are stretches and exercises galore that help.

  • I think you could be right about the ligaments, Nevertoolate. I certainly do have a bit of a tummy these days (although not for much longer, I hope!) and the discomfort is definitely a bit like the ligament pain you get in pregnancy. I'd forgotten about it as my last pregnancy was 15 years ago! Incidentally, just done w3r3 (but on treadmill because it's been lashing rain all day) and no hip pain at all.

  • i have just completed W3 and i get the same pain in my left hip. As a man i am sure i am not pregnant even though i look it! (all my excess weight is on my stomach) not too sure what it is but mine lasts for a day or so and is getting lesser and lesser with every run. I note that it only became problematic in W3 so it could be your body complaining because you are pushing it. i would say that if it stays there or get worse stop and get medical advise so you dont do any permanent damage. I run on a tuesday . thursday and sunday as that fits in with my childcare/family life. I find the extra day rest beneficial. it could also be the natural undulations of your chosen route as you dont get the pain on the treadmill. I run on a tarmac path that is not so smooth with some steps up and down pavements along the way.

  • Many thanks to you all for all suggestions - I do have a bit of a tummy - also had an emergency c-section when I had my son - 8years ago - but am wondering if that also might have something to do withit. Anyway am going to repeat W3R2 tomorrow morning to see if any better after only 1 restday. best wishes to you all.

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