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Wk6r1 - a run of two halves

I heeded everyone's advice as I set off today re this run. I was not cocky but I thought to myself that it will be ok. Hmmmm. Those first 5 mins were a killer. I almost wept as I struggled to put one foot in front of the other. I was so glad of the pouring rain to cool me down.

I kept thinking I know I can do this and kept my pace really really slow and steady. I have never been so glad to hear that the 5 mins were up!!

During my 3 min walk I gave myself a good talking to and you know what the 8min run was good and the last 5 min run was (dare I say) enjoyable! In fact when there was 60 seconds left I dug deep and increased my pace (only very slightly) but it felt great!!! Look forward to the rest of week 6.

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Great! I found W6 hard. You are almost at the solid running stage!! Keep going - this programme will cleverly help you achieve your distances! :)


Thank you holly0! Looking forward to the solid running and hopefully increasing distance! :-)


I found week 6 hard as well, its the stopping and starting that does it. Good luck on your next run. :)


Hi yes I agree! Glad I'm not the only one to find this one hard. Hoping R2 is better!!!


Hi, Benmum! W6R1 was one of the runs I had to pull up short on before the last interval...it was just a killer for some reason. Good job, getting through the whole thing!

As HollyO says, the programme is well designed...you're always "pushing the envelope" so to speak...but it works. And soon you'll be into the solid running bits.

Continued good running to you!


Many thanks. It's so encouraging to hear other people's stories and advice :-)


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