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W6R3 - A run of two halves

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Nerves!! 😯 I felt them pretty bad this morning, I don't know why, maybe because this is the furthest I've got in the program so far, or maybe because last Fridays 20 minute run seemed so long ago. Either way it was pastures new & felt the pressure a bit. Especially knowing I would have to crack this run, repeating it 3 times next week.

I even delayed my start by another 20 minutes or so to make sure my stomach was settled, but had to face it.

Very cold morning despite the sun, & I took the start very steady. Laura announced the start of the run so hit start on my gear fit & set off as it counted down from 3. Damn it will be an extra 3 seconds to make that up for the record! 🀣 Must try to remember...

I tried to think of it in 10 minute sections, anything in single figures seems easy, but after a few minutes decided best not to think about it at all. I had a lot of doubts about it, but knew as the timer dropped down I'd gain more confidence in getting there. The slower pace I find more mentally challenging, but if I deviate from it do start to feel the effects on the longer runs. Kept telling myself it's just an episode of emmerdale, real runners can go for hours. Get on with it!

I did.

The first 15 minutes of my route have a couple of long uphill stretches which end at the top of dog πŸ’© alley. It's mostly downhill & flat from there with just one short steep hill at about the 20 minute mark. I decided to still take it steady on the start of the first decent to try and recover a bit & so glad I did. After a couple of minutes when Laura started counting down the time I was into single figures for minutes & couldn't believe it. I was going to do this one!

From then on the nerves were all gone, and I got a second wind. The short steep hill now it feels like I breezed over it, and carried on running to extend my route further than I had before, past the pub and to the mini roundabout. I had 1 minute 30 to go and at the other side of the roundabout was a long quiet fairly flat road perfect for running. It was beckoning..

There! That's where I'll go for my 30 minutes 5k attempts, that's my final route! 😁 Glanced back at the gear fit. 1 minute 30 to go.. "one for another day Jonny lad, one for another day..."

Ignore the temptation, & I turn around and head back to the starting point picking up the pace a bit for the finish high that Laura had just suggested. It was over and I quickly bashed the Finish button on my wrist.

I'd done it!

but damn, I'd forgotten the "extra" 3 seconds. 😁😁

As soon as I stopped my right calf was letting me know what I'd just done as I transitioned into the walk. It eased off thankfully as I headed back home on the cooldown walk. Laura then pronounced me a runner, and I'll admit I nearly choked a little 😊


8 Replies

Amazing! Well done

You’re a runner!

Only 3 more weeks and you’ll graduate

sHAYM4NGraduate in reply to SamSam17

Cheers SamSam17 🍻 How you doing with it at the moment, you on with week 5 now?

SamSam17Graduate in reply to sHAYM4N

I’ve done W6R1 on Monday and tried to do run 2 last night but my heel hurt so bad after 1min into the run that I had to stop.

I’m going to take today off and re-attempt run 2 tomorrow.

sHAYM4NGraduate in reply to SamSam17

Great work! Yeah sometimes a pain like that can just be enough to make it worthwhile taking a break. Not worth making things worse. I've been pretty lucky so far this time around, but still expecting I may need to repeat one or two at some point.

SamSam17Graduate in reply to sHAYM4N

Thanks! I’m hoping I won’t need to take too long of break. Can’t believe I feel sad about not being able to run.

Good luck! Hope you make it till the end without needing to repeat :)


Well done! I see Tailchaser has woken up the Strata posts.

Mentally, I know I can do this next run w6r3 that is but physically after a 2day rest my calves are tighter than previous runs.

Will run extra extra slow and hope for the best! πŸ˜ΈπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ˜Έ

sHAYM4NGraduate in reply to Katnap

Hah yep forgot that you could even post non activities on Strava tbh! πŸ˜‚ Sure you will do great, defo start off steady you'll know yourself later in the run if there's more in the tank to push it some more. Had a few muscle aches on runs so far (especially if I've been walking a lot the day before) but find they subside after about 5 mins of running so might be another good reason to start off as steady as you can. Best of luck!


Great! Well done! You will smash week 7 as well!

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