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Missing Running due to illness.

Hi, I've just got over tonsillitis and thankfully I didn't miss any running time, I forced myself out... lol.

But I just wondered if I couldn't actually run, would you just restart the week you were on once you felt better? Or would just carry on from where you left off? or do you go back a week? Just wondered for future reference.

Thank you

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depends on how long you are forced to give up for, really. Your body quickly loses condition and fitness if you are ill, but if you've been fit before illness, it will regain condition quite quickly. A few days probably won't make much difference and you can just carry on: more than that and you might feel more comfrotable going back a couple of runs. If you are unlucky enough to be out for some weeks, it might be best to start again. :)


I carried on where I left off and did just fine.

However, running during an actual tonsillitis or other significant infection (cf a bit of a cold and a sore throat) is something I'd always understood to be a) well nigh impossible and b) carries rare but definite risk of sudden death. So... eek!


Blimey! I was drugged up and refreshed from over 10 hours sleep! Thanks for the info :) Nice to know for the future :)


I've been told never to run with a sore throat !

I think I would just start where I'd left off if I'd missed running for anything up to a week or two. Longer than that, I'd probably just go for a "not part of the program" jog just to get my confidence back and see what I was capable off, then assess whereabouts I felt able to start back again.


Here's a bit about when to run and when not to run - a slight sore throat is probably ok, it seems:



Thanks for this link, interesting read. I've had a sore ankle for about 4 weeks and just as it begins to feel ok for running I've come down with a nasty cold, sore throat, coughing to make my lungs feel raw etc etc. No running for me for another while then, not that I would even manage to run feeling like this, I could hardly even walk.


Thank you for the link. A friend of mine who has been running for some time told me to just get out and run as it makes you feel better, since he is a better and more experienced I listened to him! and was worried I wouldn't get back out there if I took too long off.

Good read, and nice to know an extra day off wouldn't of hurt.


I had just started week 4 when I was ill for a couple of weeks. I tried week 1 again but found it too easy so moved onto week 3 and found that ok.


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