I've missed that post run rush!

To anyone who worries about losing fitness after time out: I've just done my 4th run after 6 or so weeks of assorted injuries, new and old (when will I learn?!) getting in the way and have gone from 1.1 miles last Tuesday to 2 miles today and slightly increased my speed. Not where I was before I started showing off but soooo much better than when I started on May 16th. Which is nice.

Happy running, peeps.

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  • Fabulous :-) How great to be back

  • It is lightweightkate, it is. I hadn't realised how much I want this to be a long term thing :-)

  • Good news but take it easy, pollyp1 :)

  • Thanks, SlowWorm2016! I think I'm beginning to learnt the value of stopping while I've still got something left in the tank and not listening to that voice that says 'Really? You're stopping NOW???'.

  • Well done Polly! Keep it up! take care!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thank-you davelinks. Beginning to learn the necessity of that if I want to keep doing this. And I do!

  • I've found that I cannot give it up because of the enormous benefits of my running. Well done for getting back in the saddle !

  • Thanks. Absolutely to the benefits! For the last however many weeks I have been a runner in waiting...

  • Well done...great stuff.. take it steady and keep on with those runs :)

  • I will Oldfloss, I will, thanks :-D

  • Glad you are back and making progress. The post run rush is fab isn't it. Would I go to all that effort if it wasn't? Possibly not :-D Happy running :-)

  • Thanks. I know what you mean! I was lucky that it got me from day one! Rather relieved my legs feel ok this morning, too... - yesterday evening was a tad achey! Happy running to you too (stupid machine won't do smiley faces - must be to early).

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