When to run "after" illness?

My last run was last Thursday (W4R2), I postponed my W4R3 as I was feeling ill (cold, pain in sinuses, cough, sore throat). I think I feel even worse, but I don't want to make too long break, not to loose my motivation and habit / flow / rhythm. I started running from week 3, so it was my only second week of running.

I am aware that it mostly depend on how I feel. But I'd really appreciate your suggestions and advice.



PS. I promise my next post will be up-lifting and positive ;)


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17 Replies

  • Don't go running when you're ill! It can really affect your heart! I usually go running once I've had no symptoms for 2-3 days.

    My boyfriend suffered from myocarditis a couple of years ago because he went running with a cold.

  • There seems to be much more awareness of this in Germany! It's the reason I'm very careful when running with colds (well, I don't!)

  • Definitely something every runner should be aware of! We learned the hard way.

  • I have worked in a cardiac centre for 18 years and have seen several young, fit people with myocarditis after exercising when they have a virus. Most survived with early treatment. Training when ill is a lottery, I don't take the risk.

  • Thank you so much for this advice. Very timely right now. I have had a cough since beginning of February & went out too soon (impatient). I got some chest pains after a run last week, but went out again, taking it very slowly (& then disappointed with my km per minute! Crazy!). I now have a full blown cold.

  • As suggested above, I would give it until a couple of days after the symptoms have disappeared.

  • Thank you all for your advice and concern. I will definitely not go today / tomorrow and I will see how I will feel in couple of days.

  • Get well before you run again, like everyone is advising. You could maybe go for walks instead of runs, then at least you would get some fresh air, but take it very easy. There have been a lot of really nasty bugs going round.

  • I will go for a walks, as I have my energetic dog to walk every day anyway. But as everybody advice, I'll wait with running.

  • Glad to hear you are waiting. I'm just easing back into running after 2 months with a cold and cough, then a horrible chest infection then monitoring to see if I had asthma (I do). I did have a couple of very short efforts to see how it felt and it was thoroughly depressing - no energy, legs weighed a turn and breathing all over the place. A couple of weeks on inhalers and I'm building the running back up again carefully. The time off has made far less difference than I thought it might - I am finishing each run still with something left in the tank, and most importantly, am really enjoying it. Giving yourself a bit of time to recover properly from illness won'yt have too much effect on yourr running level. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you. I am just feeling that I have no running level yet. I've just started to build it and now I may be a week, hopefully not couple of weeks off. I want to get fitter and loose some fat that I was postponing for a long time already, too long. It is just frustrating that after I finally started to do it, I need to do a break. But as there is no single opinion that I should try to run and see how I feel, but I definitely need to rest, then I will follow and stay in bed.

  • I think if you were able to start at week 3 and move straight on to week 4, you do have some running level! A lot of us on here found W1R1 hard work and W3 and 4 seemed quite a long way off :-)

  • I started to run before winter from week 1 and it was hard as hell. Running for 30 seconds was a huge achievement. I finished at week 5 in October (if I remember correctly), but I got very ill and couldn't get better till January. In February I started exercising at home with some cardio and HIIT from youtube, and then decided to go back to running in the end of February. So after 1 month of running and approx. 3-4 months of break, I thought that I will check if I will be able to run W3R1. It was hard, but possible. I was just continuing the program from my new starting point. Now, here I am again. After less than 2 weeks, I am ill :(

  • That must be so frustrating, but I think having been ill for so long over the winter it's even more important not to restart till you are better. Hope you are soon better

  • Thank you orchards. I will try to run as soon as I feel better. If I feel it's too early I just won't finish the run and have a walk instead ;)

  • You have said you will listen to the advice.. so that is fine. Just heal and then get out there again... your body will tell you when ... :) x

  • I am treating myself well and healing ;)

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