Missed my run tonight :(

I managed to pull a muscle in my back while gardening, so couldn't even hobble, let alone run. Gutted! And I was going to try and do a gentle 6k to see if the last one was a fluke. It had all been going so well up til now. 10 months ago, any excuse to sit around and do nothing was welcome, now it's just very frustrating. Please tell my back to hurry up and get better!

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  • Hurry up and get better back so that helcl can get back to her running!

  • I think it heard you - not quite as sore today

  • Hope your back heals soon as it's so frustrating wanting to get out for a run and not being able to. Best wishes.

  • It was a bit better today so I went out for a short run - possibly not the best idea I've ever has

  • Back! How dare you? Helcl needa to run so get better soon xxx

  • Thank you! It's working!

  • hope you feel better soon :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Went out for a short run, but it wasn't nice so stopped at 3k. Hopefully the next one will be better

  • Good for you xxx

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