The dreaded norovirus strikes me down!

Made it to week3 run 3 last Sunday and was feeling great. Went out Sunday afternoon and bought some proper running capris and a great new shirt. Was really looking forward to starting week 4. Woke up Monday morning feeling . . . not so great and was sick for the rest of this week – too awful for details but if you've ever had this virus you'll know what I mean!

Judging by the way I'm feeling now I reckon I might be able to start running again on Tuesday. So, do I just continue on to week 4 or should I repeat week 3, or just one run of week 3, or?

Anybody else's experience and/or advice about starting again after being ill would be much appreciated

When I could lift my head off the pillow it was lovely to read about how well everyone is doing – this is such a great community. Thanks to all.


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7 Replies

  • Ooh, sorry you've been laid low and glad you're feeling better. I'm sorry I have no idea about where you should restart as I didn't have any mishaps or illnesses while I was doing the programme (how lucky am i?!!). I suppose it depends on how you're feeling on the day. If you're feeling back to normal then I would be tempted to carry on where you left off. Expect to succeed but be prepared to need to work back up to it if that proves necessary. Good luck. Let us know what you decide and how you get on.

  • I should probably add a caveat to what I said. I am not the most patient person in the world, which is why I would try to start again where I left off. Burstcouch's advice may well be more sensible!

  • Thanks for your reply. I'm a bit like you and would like to just pick up where I left off but still not really feeling myself so maybe I'll have to take this a bit slower than I'd like. I've signed up for a 5K Fun Run in October so I think there's still time to work up to this . . . I hope!

  • Think I might repeat the last run of week 3 and remember you might still feel a bit week after Nora has visited you!

  • That's for sure! She's one visitor whom I never hope to spend time with again!

  • What rotten luck! Noro is truly horrible and I hope you feel better now. I would be a bit cautious about running until you are sure you are fully recovered but then I think it would be a good idea to try a week 3 run and see how you go. If it's good then you can push on to week 4. If not then remember to blame the virus not yourself and maybe do week 3 again. I wasn't ill but gave blood half way through C25K and had to drop back a week and build it up again. Remember that it isn't a race and no-one says you have to finish in 9 weeks (took me about twice that for various reasons). Good luck! :-)

  • Thanks for the good advice. Thought I was feeling better yesterday but this morning I can tell I'm still not 100 per cent yet. Guess it would be wise to give it a little while longer. It's funny really, never exercised at all for many, many years and now here I am trying to speed myself back on to the program after having the nastiest bout of illness I've had in a long time – Laura is truly a great motivator as are all the great people on this forum. I'll let you know how it goes in the weeks to come.

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