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Only gone and done the dreaded 20 mins!!


Just back. So so happy. We did the 20 minutes on Week 5 Run 3. The only mistake we made was on the route we ended up running up some very steep steps which sapped us about 4 mins before the end....I thought the last 2 minutes was the longest of my life.

I do however believe that if we'd done a u turn and stayed on the flat we both could have carried on longer. Just a route problem so we will avoid next Friday!!

A week on Sunday we do our 5km charity run so I hope next week goes well for our tester!! Did just under 4km today according to Run Keeper.

Love this programme. What a buzz. Have a great weekend everyone. We start week 6 on Sunday

Barbara :) :) xxx

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Well done you two!

Babs and Barbs run, eh! "All the B's. Bloody brilliant"

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks Barbarella!! So blimmin chuffed it's untrue :))


Ah, just noticed this: Well done, steep bit at the end of a run -- that must hurt. My route is all flat except for two steps at the very end and so far i always stopped just before that - even walking up feels funny.

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to kristina51

Thanks Kristina :)


That's great, well done. You should be in tip top condition for your 5k !

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks henpen, I hope so. Raised over £350 so I've got to do it now! Hubby wants a refund if not. Cheapskate


Fantastic progress, well done and good luck for the 5k :)

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks JuicyJu :)


Stonking effort, well done and enjoy week six.

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to Kurama

Thanks Kurama :)


super well done :D especially with the steps too :D

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thanks Rob :)


Way to go! Even though the steps are horrible in the short term - they'll do wonders for your endurance when you run a flat route. Congrats on completing week 5 - that's a big one!

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

Thanks runswithdogs. Might even start taking one of my labs soon with me. :)

runswithdogsGraduate in reply to Barbarajs

Ha. They'll love it. Poor ol' Marty the mutt is stuck on week 5. He likes the intervals, not so much running steady. He lets me know it's time for a walking interval by turning into an anchor.

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

Lily would run the whole thing I think but Lottie is in recovery from a ruptured cruciate repair so isn't fully fit for another few weeks. It's been 12 weeks by then :( She can come in 2015


Well done Barbara! 3 more runs and then it's my turn...


BarbarajsGraduate in reply to AliPru

Yay AliPru'll be fine. Slow and steady....never thought I'd do it to be honest. Shocked :)


That's the spirit BJS, enjoy the buzz. We'll have you graduating in next to no time.

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to MarkyD

Thanks so much Mark. The support on here is great. It's one of the first things I do when I get home is post on here. I'm so excited I've managed it :) Oh and Facebook so the sponsors for my run know I'm trying :)


Well done both. Absolutely brilliant.

One word of warning- treat week 6 as a big step up, even if it it doesn't seem like it at the moment.

It really caught me out, especially on run 3.

Good luck xxxx.

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to meadsey

Thanks Meadsey. Forewarned is forearmed I guess. Why does it bite people on the bum. I don't understand why that happens. It almost seems like a backward step until Run 3 :)


Fantastic news! Well done :-D can tell you are elated :-) keep going, it's lovely to read your posts, very inspiring and good luck with your fun run :-) xxx

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks beginningtorun. I'm truly shocked and happy. Just hope I can do week 6. I've read it can be much harder which has thrown me a bit. Onwards and upwards. Hope you have a good next run :)


Congratulations it's such an achievement especially with a hill at the ends! Good luck with your race.

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to S_J_B

Thanks SJB. Was just reading your post. Good to see you're back :)

Well Done Barbara! I've had a hiccup involving my headphones breaking so I'm a few days behind. I did W5R2 a second time today so that I've not taken a week gap and attempted 20 minutes. I'll do W5R3 tomorrow or Wed though! I'm excited.

Ada x

BarbarajsGraduate in reply to ada_s

I've just had some new earphones delivered as my iPhone ones kept falling out....doing my head in. They are bright red Betron ones from Amazon and are great. £11 bargain.

Hope your run goes well. We should have done week 6 run 2 today but have delayed by a day as we are both hurting and we have our 5km this Sunday. Don't want to push it as we must be fit. Hoping to do it tomorrow. Think it's 5/10/2/10 walk/run

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