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Yeah New PB at Parkrun


Got a new PB at Parkrun again this morning well chuffed 32.17, no sound barrier broken but its still given me a sense of achievement that I've never had before in my whole life, I'm well chuffed, just like a kid all over again :)

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Really pleased for you :) That's a great time! It feels so great to get a PB doesn't it?


Oh well done, thats all that hill work paying off ! Really chuffed for you :)

With the risk of being boring , whats the hill work routine you do again ? :)

OldgirlGraduate in reply to gypsydepp

Hi gypsydepp, I live near to forest walks and in one area there are a series of short ups and downs, I do a loop which has 3 ups and 3 downs. They aren't that long but pretty steep. So I jog into this area about 10 minutes, then do 3 loops about 750m per loop then jog home pretty slow on the homeward run though. The last time I logged overall distance of 6.5Km but because most of it is in trees its quite difficult to get a true distance. I have to say that I enjoy doing this run but haven't been able to do it for over 2 weeks due to the ground being water logged in places.

I'm still not good at running up steep hills for long distances though.

Mixing up my runs has enabled me to knock 78 seconds off my PB 2 weeks ago and then today another 65 seconds so I must be doing something right. :)

gypsydeppGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thanks oldgirl....knackered just reading it !

Will have to try and find something similar near me, but off to the norfolk broads tomorrow for a family holiday afloat ! No hills ther, I believe !

However, if it floods, at least we'll be in a boat x :)

OldgirlGraduate in reply to gypsydepp

Ooohhh that sounds lovely, I love boats but hubby isn't very happy on them at all. Enjoy :)


What is PB? sorry for being so ignorant:-)

OldgirlGraduate in reply to Devanski

Personal Best, so although I have recorded a better time for 5K, my best recorded time when running Parkrun which is probably more accurate is now recorded as 32.17

Wow, are cookin' that 5K!

Great running!


Well done. No wonder you're happy. That's a fantastic time.


Well done on the PB. That's an amazing time. What did they give as your age graded result? Bet you did better than a lot of the younger folk ahead of you.

Didn't manage Parkrun today myself as was out with walking group - 8k in 4 hours but was looking at plants and birds most of the way!

OldgirlGraduate in reply to wilmacgh

Age Range 60.09% I think thats quite good isn't it? But not very sure about this grading system they have.


I think the % figure is how you compare with world records. They have some way of adjusting for age and distance. 60% is reckoned to be good local runner level so well done.

I put something on the blog a week or so ago on Perkruns 5k in 30mins and nerdy stuff which shows how it varies with age.


Hi Wilmacgh, had a look at your blog about Age % grades but I think there is a major factor missing and thats height is not built into the equation.

I had the pleasure a week ago at our Parkrun to witness a young man by the name of Miles who is a very good runner fly by us all standing on duty at the finish line waiting for the runners to come in. They passed us on the lower path with 1K still to go, Miles was in the lead (he was miles in front to be honest) and it was a thing of beauty to watch this young man in action, his 1 stride was equal to 3-3.5 of mine. I turned to his father and asked jokingly "Can you please teach me to run like that one day"? His dad who is his trainer replied in the same light hearted banter "Yes but you still have some growing to do first"!! Haha :)

So if I ever manage 5K in under 30 minutes at my age I think I will have to put it down to a miracle. Running has to be enjoyed, we are all agreed that its hard work so hard work has to be something a person enjoys doing and has fun doing, I will carry on while this is still the case and if I manage to knock a few more seconds off my time I will celebrate and you will all hear about it too you can be sure of that. :)

wilmacghGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Not making any claims to the validity of the % I was just giving myself and other older runners a bit of a boost by comparing performance with some of the youngsters. Our Parkrun is a lollipop - out, round a loop and then back. There's a guy from work who passes me on his way back when I'm at about 1.8k and he's at 3.2K but he's a real runner at 75%. I think I should be able to get close to 5k in 30min so it's a target to aim at but even if I don't C25k has made me fitter than I've been in years.


Well done on your time old girl. I am still struggling along at around 38 mins, but I'll get there!


Another PB, that's fantastic Oldgirl!!!!!!! Well done, won't be long till you get to 30 mins. I thnk I'll do the parkrun next week (was away this weekend) and am aiming to break 34mins. I will catch you one day!


I didn't realise you got a PB, well done!! I'm still basking in the glory of my PB too, feels good :D

OldgirlGraduate in reply to Rose885

Your time was amazing and I'll blow your trumpet for you. Our Rose885 came in in just a little over 29 minutes. She was heading for the finish line when I was heading for the ramp up to start the last 500M. We gave each other a big wave and I pointed to my watch and waved her on cos I could see she was heading for a really good time.

Well done and it was smashing you managed to join us after for tea a toasted teacake.


Aww thanks :) Mum is joining me this weekend weather permitting so I'll have to see if it was a fluke or not!

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