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New PB!! ~ Parkrun Watch Out!!

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Hello and Good Evening to all,

So it's midweek already, and the weekend is looming. This is Saturday evening is my first official Parkrun, and boy am I looking forward to it.

Due to work and other commitments I haven't managed to run since last Friday, so I had to get this run in before Saturday. Well what can I tell you, the heavens opened up just as I was about to leave and this delayed my run :-( .

Left much later than normal, got up to the main road and all I can see are Police Vans all parked up! "great something has happened and I will need to divert". As I got closer (as you do) I realised the mighty hammers are playing at home tonight, so nothing to worry about.

Now I don't know if it was because I had rested fully for a few days, but my run felt a lot easier than normal. The run itself was uneventful, smooth cruise control, until I was running against the wind, and then it felt like a Morris Minor going uphill. My legs felt a lot stronger and this reflected in my time, as I had managed to achieve to things tonight a new PB and also a run under 30 mins. (H)

Well proud of myself, and has left me with the Rocky Balboa feeling for this Saturday. I know I said that I wouldn't post up my stats, but I do think this is justified.... :-) . The official time was 29.21 it took me 10 seconds to get to the phone and record the workout.

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading the post, in the same manner I had running tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful week.


Just remember "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."

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Whoooo hooooo well done running buddy! You are smashing it! Under 30 mins for 5k is amazing! I might do a parkrun in the very near future! Chuffed to bits for you!

I'm working on my distance at the moment as I've entered a 5 miler in June. I can feel myself getting stronger so I understand that!

Take care, I'll wait for your pm!!!! ;-) xxx

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Well done Saul, that first sub 30 5k feels special doesn't it? You are so ready for Parkrun - I only did my first one last week but loved it☺! All the best for Saturday!

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saul01Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you. It certainly did feel special, just like how my legs are feeling today. Can't wait for Saturday.

Great run Saul. 5k in under 30 mins eh?

That rest period has done you good..

Very excited for you for Saturday night.

Hope it goes well...imagine you will be running with other people (not foxes)..

Best of luck.. think how Laura would run it.... :)

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saul01Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you. Could always get one with a leash and take him around with me, it'll clear the path for me :-)

Wow well done. Sub 5k remains my #1 target. And what is that natty little app that gives the route and other stats? I like how you've got the split times 💪

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saul01Graduate in reply to shinyhappy123

Thank you. The app that I use is Map my Run, a freebie on any platform. Works very well and has loads of settings to choose from.

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Is your Parkrun in the evening?

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saul01Graduate in reply to Theziggy

Yes it's a night run starting at 7.05pm.

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Hidden in reply to saul01

It it a parkrun Parkrun? parkruns always start at 9 am wherever they are.....Just intrigued...

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saul01Graduate in reply to Hidden

It's not a regular parkrun, this one is paid entry. It's at the Olympic Park in Stratford, thought it would be fitting after completing the program.

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That's brilliant - well done :-).

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saul01Graduate in reply to yatesco

Thank you.

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