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Progress, 4th Parkrun new PB


To those starting out on W1r1, your probably thinking Park runs, will that happen. Well it has for me. i’m 63 3/4, and over weight, granny. Today, week 12, I did it. Listening to all these fab people on here, with their great advice and council. I have just completed my 4th Park Run. One of the marshals said,” you’re up for a Pb today” , well I was and I did. So i’ve Knocked off 5 mins off my 1st race time. Yea. Under 40 mins, for a 5 k. So for anyone reading this, I hope you feel as great as I do today.

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Congratulations to you Rogie55 on achieving a PB at your 4th parkrun this morning, we both share that enjoyment, I ran my third parkrun this morning and also got a PB, enjoy your achievement and relax for the rest of the day.


That’s amazing.. congratulations! I dream of running Parkruns. Great inspiration! X


Congratulations and very well done. It’s a great feeling getting a PB. Great running.


Great post rogie, it seems impossible at the start of c25k, but it really does work. That's a huge improved time, you deserve to feel that good 😊

Rogie55Graduate in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Thank you. I am beginning to be a running bore!

grumpyoldgirlGraduate in reply to Rogie55

Well then you're in very good company 😍

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