I signed up for a 5 km Zombie Run

I signed up for a 5 km Zombie Run

I signed me and my family (husband and two kids aged 12 and 9) up for a 5k run in September.

Not just any run - a massive zombie apocalypse run. See trailer here:

It is an off-road trail run with hoards of zombies chasing you around. I'm pretty sure it will be a crazy adrenaline rush! My son is actually not sure he has the guts to do it.

Photo: Anette Wolfsen


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30 Replies

  • Woo Hoo , Oh I bet this is amazing Iben ! Go you ! I am sure you will have a fab time.

    I love Zombies Run, it makes me squeak with excitement when I play it Ha ha :-) xxx

  • Me too!

  • That looks great i don't think my kids would do it though although if they were being chased by zombies i'm sure they would get a personal best

  • Hi there,

    That looks so much fun !! I'm not sure I would be brave enough :)

    Good luck with it.

  • Iben, you're getting very brave! Running club, zombie runs! Will have to look around and see if there's anything like that around here, it looks fun. I wouldn't get very far though!

  • You have three lives in the form of plastic strips attached to a belt or something. The zombies are quite slow but they are many. I actually don't know what happens when you've lost all your lives...

  • They eat you..have you never seen The Walking Dead?☺

  • I have, indeed! But will we 'turn' and become zombies?

  • You will....if you do not outrun them....eereek . .....I will lose my Danish friend...:(

  • And yes, very brave! I don't know where all that courage is coming from...

  • I'm on holiday when the zombie run comes to Munich. I don't know whether I'm relieved or disappointed!

  • Oh, that is too bad!

  • Be relieved...be very relieved😞

  • Haha! That looks absolutely brilliant, Iben :)

  • Sounds epic😊 Did you ask the family first...or just do it?


    If your son wants out..he can stay with us in the UK...☺

  • I asked and they were all quite eager to join. My son who's 12 is a faster runner than me, so is my husband (non of them run very often, they just go out there and do 5 k faster than me), but my daughter is just 9 and she will have to learn to pace herself before the run.

    If I tell him he can choose to go to your place in the UK rather than go running with the rest of us, I think you will win😀

  • He would be welcome..and could begin to teach me to speak Danish!,,😃

  • No Iben, I run alone in the woods now you're making me think twice. Well I do run with my dog but she's more a scooby doo type who's scared of most things and would quite willingly jump in my arms at the slightest noise.

  • You've got to teach her to attack zombies or start running well armed 🗡🔫🔪 The zombies are coming!!!

  • Ok we've had a chat and I think the outcome of our little discussion is that I have to go well armed. She's no guard dog.

  • Having been a zombie at one of these events, I can say they are great fun! Even if you start thinking "this isn't real, they're only acting", as soon as your wave goes the adrenaline starts pumping and your brain really starts believing it! My husband was dressed up as a clown zombie and such amazing reactions and he could really see the fear in people's eyes.

    Have fun :)

  • That combination - clown and zombie - sounds pretty scary! I hope I don't pee my pants🙀

  • Good for you that sounds amazing..... If a little scary!!!!!

  • That would spook me out!you are very brave!😊

  • I cannot quite decide whether it would be funnier participating as a runner or applying to volunteer as a zombie...

  • There are as many zombies as runners - many feel the same. I might also go as a zombie next year. I'm sure that's great fun too.

  • looks very cool :-)

    there are times when I have finished running ( for example Saturday just past ) when I feel like a zombie !!! ;-)

  • Hope that isn't true, Nick - perhaps you need medical attention ;-)

  • :-)

  • This looks fantastic!

    It's weird though, I thought I was the only one that looked like that after a run....

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