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Hello and Merry Boxing Day!

I went out for a run this morning as I knew a lot of us on here were planning to do one. Despite a monstrous hangover I forced myself up out of bed around 10.30am and squished a few vegetables in the juicer. Swallowed the green sludge and off I went.

It was cold and I wore some gloves - going for the "footballer on a cold day LOOK" and off I went. It was an overall good run and I am so pleased I did it. No real great story to tell, other than that I nearly took a tumble at one point as I misjudged a kerb stone! How I stayed upright is beyond me.

Managed 4.7K and couldn't do any more. It really was knackering and my ankles decided today that they would be the joints on my body that would get heavy and leaden. I was hardly able to lift my legs at the end but I struggled home and lay in my jacuzzi for half an hour.

So am spending the day in my super duper Christmas present ONESIE! It's a tiger costume with a tail and Mrs Dan (who bought it for me for a joke) can't believe I'm actually parading around the house looking like some sort of pantomime character! haha!!

Have a good rest of the week.


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Easy tiger! ;-) Sounds like a great run. I did 5K yesterday but I'm going to go for a little speed/intervals jaunt today, before back to work (and lack of energy) tomorrow. Happy Boxing Day. :-)


It does amuse me - how onsies are popular for young and old.- Have my 16 year old son a gorilla one - he is thrilled.

So well done on the run and that is a respectable distance for boxing day hangover run. Happy boxing day.


Well done , I felt the same this morning wasn't up to it but turned out to be a suprisingly enjoyable run . Didn't even suffer the toxic ten ! Glad ur back out there dan keep up the good work & enjoy the rest of the day in your onesie


Well done Dan, I prized myself out of bed for my promised Boxing day run today, exchanged smug smiles with several other barmy runners. Hope you're not scaring the kitties in that onesie!


Well done Dan.

I managed a 5k jog/ run around Swanage this morning. I didn't eat before I went out as I still felt full from all the Xmas goodies I'd eaten the day before. It wasn't my furtherest or fastest but I really enjoyed it. There were lots of other runners out this morning, I wonder if any of them are on this forum?

P.s I wore my onesie ( and pink wellies) on Swanage beach on Xmas day to walk the dogs


Well done you! I did a 5k on Christmas morning with my lad Leon which was the best... The onesie sounds outrageous... Pic?!

On the cat them I'm so excited as just won a leopard print fur on eBay... Grrrrrr

Love the new pic, very suave.. I love it when people change them, makes life more interesting. I must change mine this is so old now!!! Have fun prowling around and don't scare your baby panthers!


A pic of my onesie would ruin my reputation as a serious, cerebral running blogger. Plus I look a complete **** in it!


Sounds fab, Dan! Well done for getting past the 'monstrous hangover', and doing a good run. And I think Onesies are mad for Christmas holiday post-run lolling. Have a great day.


Mrs Dan keeps telling me to walk around the block in it.......NO CHANCE!!