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Ooops... signed up for a half

Well with all you good folk picking up all this bling at various events I was starting to feel a bit jealous...

So.. I've just signed up for the Bristol Half in September. Although I'm now in Somerset, I'm 'born n bred' Bristolian so looking forward to this.... it'll be mint and gurt lush!!!

Suppose I best get training then... too early to taper??? :-)

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that's wonderful news Andy :D you will have a great day :D ,

hmm yup maybe a tad to early to taper haha


Fab stuff!

It is never too early to taper nor is it ever too early to carb load :D

* ... lights touch paper*

Now that Avon no longer exists surely Bristol is in Somerset

* ... runs away quickly, laughing maniacally*


Rocky - you have forgotten to take your medication again :)


Good lad!

It kinda dawned on me yesterday that training through the Summer for a half-marathon is going to be pretty damned tough in it's own right. We should really think these things through!


Think it's too warm now when the sun comes out... oh dear... get the head torch out :-)


Evening running, it is the future! ;)


Sounds fab!!! Happy training!!! :)


This is a good thing to do; it is a brave thing to do and it is a wise thing to do because...

Bling is Beautiful...


I used to live in Somerset - has it eaten Avon? Has the Avon Gorge become the Somerset Gorge? Erm...??? I was never very good at geography but that was Mr. Grenville-Jones' fault for hitting us with a cricket bat.


I dont have a bling collection :-( Only a very small sad medal from a Santa Dash... Bring it on :-)

Lived in the South West all my life and I just had to check ... Bristol appears to be a City and a County of its own accord which of course borders on Somerset and Gloucestershire.

I'm sure a geography teacher will put me straight though!


Arrrrgh - I lived in Frome in west Somerset but was a student in Bristol - heavens I hope your Half M doesn't mean you have to run up Park Street - I couldn't even walk up it (certainly after a couple of pints!).


Well done Andy ! Brilliant idea, always good to have something to focus on .

Yep, best get cracking ! :-) xxx


Thanks Poppy... that was just the reason... get some focus... have a target.. :-)

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It's easy to be seduced by the bling, and there's nothing wrong with collecting it, but do get there through putting in the hard yards. Make no mistake, a half marathon is big deal, but quite achievable through a programme of incremental distance. I wish you well, it truly is a goal that you will be rightfully proud of. Keep up those regular 5ks, those weekend long runs and you will do it.


The bling will be nice, but my main goal is crossing the line and the challenge of the training between now and Sept. Doing a 7.5-10k most weeks now, but I certainly don't underestimate the challenge ahead.


Thats excellent news Andy :)


Running the Bristol Half - that's a Grey Tide Eel and a Grace Tepp-Ford.


Good luck and a half is a great distance. Keeps it fun and doesn't take over your life! I live in Somerset too. Love it here! If you feel like you need more time then the Weston Pier one is in November and will be cooler too! Nevertheless I am sure you will enjoy it and back in your birth town too. Have fun. To get you in the mood ( a great song to run to) this was filmed in Bristol


Yes too early to taper! LOL

A half marathon is hard so train thoroughly. Get a plan and follow it would be my advice. Evening training runs are great! Cooler and fewer folks about.

I've done one HM but in no hurry to do another. Mind you the one I did was dull as hardly any spectators. What people there were milling around were just posh types showing off their Barber coats, Hunter wellies and labradoodles, with no interest at all in runners. So it was boring and relentless. Nice views though. Supporters make all the difference. The little village race I did on Sunday was hugely supported and it gets you round. So, you'll be fine in Bristol where folks get it!

Good luck!


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