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W1R3 done and I've signed up for a colour run. Eeeekkk!!

First time posting *waves*

So, I've just finished W1R3 and it's hard but I'm enjoying it. It was a lovely early morning jog along the seafront.

When I got home I found out that a charity that is close to my heart, and that helped my family greatly over the past few months, is putting together a team to do a 5k colour run. So I've signed up!!

The only thing is it's at the end of September so I definitely won't have graduated c25k ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

But it's also a colour run rather than a race so I'm telling myself that even if I walked the whole thing it would be fine (?!)

Am I crazy?

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Not crazy at all as long as you walk part of the way. You will know how long you can run for depending where you have got up to in the programme. Just do that. Walk the rest, enjoy and know you are supporting a good cause. Sounds like a perfect combination.


Well done on completing the first week! The colour run sounds fantastic! Go for it! Walking and running will give you time to soak up the atmosphere and really enjoy it!


We're all a bit crazy, welcome to the club โ˜บ


Run a bit.. Walk a bit... it really doesn't matter just as long as you are having fun and supporting the charity. Its most probably not timed so just enjoy the event. :-)

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Walk it all, hop some of it if you feel like it and run some as well! :)

Hi and welcome...! Well done for starting this and your first run by the sea! great isn't it:)

Slow and steady and enjoy... keep posting too please...

Waves back to you!!!


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