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Just Started C25K

Just started off, week 1 run 1 was impossible! I thought I was going to pass out and had to cut out with 10 minutes to go when I started getting dizzy. I think I will start off running a little slower next time as I think this is where I was going wrong.

Was fine for the first couple of runs but by the third I was about ready to collapse in a heap. Still going to keep going though! Looking forward to being able to run 30 minutes non-stop by the end (hopefully before Christmas lol)

I ran down on the beach where less people could see me getting sweaty!

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Welcome and well done! You have hit the nail on the head, slow is GOOD! If I can do it (50 year old, obese, hadnt run since school!) then you will do just great!


Sounds as if you quickly worked out where you went wrong - slow, slow, slower is the mantra for the new runner! Walk at a brisk pace ( fast enough so that you are just under a trot) and then just a little faster for the run sections. The walk parts are great for building stamina but don't go for speed in the running parts. Welcome to the programme- look forward to hearing how you get on.


Welcome, slow slow, not quick, slow


Hi 123emil123, your blog could have been written by me in August last year, the first run! just about killed me. I ended up gasping for breath, just about on my knees with legs pounding, it was just as well I was quite fit although by that statement you wouldn't have thought so!!! But I'm stubborn and wasn't going to let this thing beat me just like you it seems. By the 3rd run I had sussed out my breathing and my legs were responding better to the exercise demanded of them. Keep going you can do it, we are all here to help and hold your hand if you need it at any time. You have taken the biggest steps of all and that was getting your bum off the couch and out of the front door. Very well done.:)


Hello, Well done for getting started - that's a huge step in itself. I'm at week 8 now and I still run very slowly - speed can come later once your muscles and stamina have caught up! Stay on the forum through the ups and downs - it's full of encouraging people and support. You'll do it!


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