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Just started!! fingers crossed!


Ok i started my first run today w1 run 1, i have run previously but have gained serious weight since my last time running properly! I weigh 17st 6lb so am a bigger guy and at 30 i think this is my last chance to give running a shot! I have recently found out my wife is expecting so am getting back into shape ready for the little one. Has anyone else just started? fingers crossed i can keep it going :)

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It's a good day when you do your first run. The hardest part is getting out there, so well done. Be slow, following Laura's podcast instructions on C25K, ignore the crap music and just do what she says and she will get you round.

Don't worry about lack of instructions about running style yet. Laura will fill you in as the weeks progress. You're doing the right thing and the weight will come off. Don't eat at the end of runs to reward yourself though, as I did, as you won't be running very far to begin with.


Well done for getting out there. It's very addictive and you will feel great as you progress - even though it's hard work. Keep us posted and come here for support and encouragement. Many of us have seen real benefits in weight loss, body shape and general fitness levels.

Congratulations on your baby news. That should be a good incentive! Welcome to the club and post so we can read about your journey. Good luck!


Congratulations on the baby! I started the c2k program at 45 so you will be fine. Don't worry too much about doing it in 9 weeks, just try to progress without hurting yourself, slow and steady if need be! Good luck.


thanks all for the replies, were going for our first scan today (on my rest day, so dont worry :P) and i will definelty keep posting on here, love the fact that theres a community and people responded on here, thanks for your support!

Just started today! Yay for New Year's resolutions. A desperate bid to get into shape. I have always hated running and I hated it today. The shower at the end was nice. For early January in Scotland, I really can't complain. A bit of wind, but no rain/snow/ice. I'm running early in the morning, so I'm thinking it will be great to see it slowly getting a wee bit lighter over the next few weeks. Only problem is, I actually have to stick with it....

Congrats on the baby news! I have two under four so can tell you anything that will help improve your energy is a good thing! I regret not doing this when my first was due! I only started today and was surprised by how hard I found jogging for a minute at a time after a brisk walk. Look forward to hearing how you get on :-)


just got back from doctors and i am devistated! we had an empty embryo sack!! I am completely gutted as is my wife but i want to continue so when we do have a baby i am in better shape!

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Condolences to both of you. I went through this about 12 years back and its horrid. But yes, keep up with the programme because you will need your energy.


Hi newbie it’s good to know another is willing themselves onwards and upwards.Sttikes a chord to absorb this mantra/Plan

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Sorry to hear of loss ,just Caught up with the following news now..My Deepest thoughts go out towards you both!


I’m just willing myself in the Fight to succeed and I will in getting off my sofa this year.,

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