Just started c25k


I have just started my c25k.

I am 31, 5ft4 and 165lb overweight for my height.

I have a daughter who turned two last month and 6 month old son so I have my hands full.

I can only run after they are in bed which is 7pm, at which point I want to collapse into a ball and not move, but last night I got my trainers on and ran in the bitter cold.

I am having trouble not feeli stupid and find myself stopping when a car comes because I feel stupid : ( and wander what I look like. I'm still going to keep this up and hope that as I get fitter I'll be more confident x


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56 Replies

  • Keep going Jennyprano! You have made the first move and that in itself is amazing. How many people just follow the crowd and never do anything that takes a bit of initiative? Forget what lazy people who drive their cars everywhere may be thinking. Focus on what Laura is telling you. That is your world while you are running. You will amaze yourself at what you and she can do together. I do sympathise about wanting to collapse into a ball at 7 pm. I am currently looking after my 2 year old grandson and feel like that most of the time. But if you fight the feeling it is SO worth it afterwards. You can curl in a ball of self-satisfied smugness. Or if your babes are good sleepers is there a window early in the morning that you can run in? I find that suits me better and I also find it cuts my appetite which helps with the weight issue. Very best wishes with your quest. Let us know how you go.

  • My sons a pest and woke up at 4:30 this morning, but maybe when he's sleeping till at least 7 I could get up an hour earlier x

  • Keep going! Well done for starting. :-)

  • : )

  • I think you should give yourself a huge pat on the back just for starting. Well done! When I 1st started I worried about what people thought and what I looked like. I do still tend to plan going out when there won't be too many people around. But the more runs i do the more confident I'm getting and i also try to just focus on Laura and the music and block everything else out. As the other replier said you can feel good that you're out there doing something and something that's for you. Good luck. Xx

  • Thank you x

  • just think of the time you are out running as time for you as a person, not as a mother, wife, daughter or sister just you as a person and relish it and go for it, it will make you feel more energized and boost your self esteem, plus you are doing something which will refresh you after being at the beck and call of two little ones. Only wish i had done something like this when my children were small, i had four and i rarely had 5mins to myself let alone 30. You go girl and well done for trying, just think of the example you are setting your children about exercise. As for worrying about how you look, you will look like someone who is doing some exercise!!!!!! Good luck.

  • Couldn't have put it better myself. Brilliant post. Best wishes.

  • This made me laugh, yes I guess so "someone who is doing exercise" : ) x

  • Well done for getting started - that is often the hardest bit. As others have said, it's important to find a little time for yourself when you are swamped by the demands of motherhood, and this ticks so many boxes about health and well being.

    I was a 'secret' runner at first in that I didn't tell anyone until I was more sure that I would be able to do it. But I have found that you are fairly invisible when out running. People don't stop and stare at all. Go for it and be proud! Good luck.

  • X thankyou

  • Hi Jennyprano, well done for taking the first steps to a more healthy future. Being fit and healthy will allow you to be an active Mum for your little ones and give you more energy to care for them. I know what you mean about being concerned what you look like when running. I waited until the clocks changed to start the c25k as I wanted to run in the dark, but I was silly to worry. Many of the people in those cars know they should be more active and will be envious of you for having the motivation and confidence to run. Other will see you and not give you a second thought as they will be wrapped up in their own concerns. Keep going everyone who cares for you will be really pleases, most of the rest will be either envious or disinterested. If 1 or 2 think you look silly, well they are probably deeply unpleasant people you wouldn't like to know anyway, so what do you care?

  • Your right x it's my own insecurities I think that make me feel this way but I'm working on it xxxx I too have started in the dark so people can't see my bum haha x

  • Some people have done C25K running round and round the park with the pushchair, with their older children in sight on the swings. Awesome!

  • That is a great idea x thank you

  • Well done for getting out there and doing it! Like most people have said on here, don't worry about how you look, usually the people in their cars that do look at you are just thinking " I SHOULD BE DOING THAT" so puff out your chest, listen to Laura and smile!!

  • Who's Laura? : D

  • It's Laura 's voice you are listening to when you are playing the podcasts withe the timings to run to.

  • I'm new to this too, having been v overweight all my life, I'm 52 now have lost 5st. I'm just doing week 2 after repeating week 1 four times. The people in the cars are probably full of admiration for you and secretly wishing they had the get up and go to try it themselves. I run early morning so don't see too many people except a couple of other runners (proper ones!) they always make me straighten up and try not to look half dead as we pass!

  • Very well done for getting started! You'll soon find it's quite addictive - the sense of achievement you get when you get through each challenge is great, and later you'll find those feel-good chemicals kicking in. There are so many positive changes that you'll notice in yourself - and you really don't need to worry about what other people think. You're doing this for you, and you're the one who will benefit most.

    Keep us posted with how you get on - you'll get plenty of encouragement here :)

  • I will do x

  • Don't worry about feeling stupid, you are doing a GREAT thing! Its the lazy ones in the cars who should feel stupid, not you. Please keep going because this programme really does work. I always ran in the dark first thing in the morning as I didn't want people to see me. However I'm over that now (wk 6!) , I still run at that time as it works best for me (my kids older and I leave them in bed!). Last week a work colleague drove past, allegedly flashing her lights repeatedly and waving, but I was completely oblivious, didn't notice her at all, just in my own little space. Just block everyone out and concentrate on yourself xxxx

  • Xxx

  • Good for you getting started. As everyone else has said, you are doing it for you and that is the main thing. If anyone does stare or make comments just bear in mind IT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. Just think positive and enjoy this time to yourself and for yourself, because that is what it amounts to. Good luck with the programme and my very best wishes to you.

  • Thank you x

  • Hi, Well done you. I am week one, I too feel the same when I am out, I cant jog, when I do my fat just wobbles and makes me feel really stupid, but I am so determined. I have had to make some small changes to the programme. such as I brisk walk and walk, rather than walk and jog. I will keep doing that until my weight drops a little and my fitness picks up then I should be able to run and walk. I was 59 in January and am determined that this is the year for me.

    Keep going, in a few months we will be on here reading our past posts and feeling very proud. xxxx

  • Oh I hope so, well done you too.


  • See my reply to Jennyprano, above. You have clearly found a way that works for you but I will say just one thing - do NOT feel stupid. What you are doing is for your own health and there is nothing stupid about that. Good luck with the programme, remember you are doing a good and beneficial thing, and my very best wishes to you.

  • Well done for starting! I also have 2 young kids so I find the best "me" time for running is very early before anybody wakes up. If you can run at that time you feel awesome for the rest of the day. There's not many cars at that time of day either but after a while you really won't care about them - tell yourself they are driving to the shop for crisps and chocolate and probably feel guilty when they see you.

  • My son woke at 4:30 this morning, hopefully when he's eating more solid food and sleeping longer I can switch to morning x that would be so much better x I'll keep everybody posted : )

  • Wow, just manages to grab a coffee whilst baby napping and I am overwhelmed at all the responses that I have not had time to read yet x thank you all so much, I will read each and every one this evening : ) xxxxxxxx

  • You've made an amazing start - well done! When I first started I would run the opposite way to avoid going past people but now (just going into week 5) - I don't care anymore!! I run in the evenings too and if you can motivate yourself to get out there when you've had a busy day (and in the miserable weather!) then you're doing amazingly! Keep posting on here & let us know how you get on :)

  • I completely know how you feel at 7.00pm as I have a two year old daughter too. I have a routine that fits an hour or so before she and my hubby wake in the morning seems to work OK. Just try and fit in your runs around your routine the best you can. I try and do extra like my workout DVD on rest days. I also walk everywhere like to town which is about 3.3 miles. Takes me ages but it's a little bit more exercise. All helps I think

  • I'm on W4 and really enjoying it. I know how you feel in regards to the cars. I had someone wave at me this morning and say hello but I just kept running. It doesn't bother me anymore what people think. To hell with them. This is for me. That's the way I think about it.

  • Well done for getting out there. I'll tell you what I'm thinking when I drive past someone running - yay you! Good running. So imagine I'm in every car cheering you on and so is every other person on this site. We are your virtual cheerleaders. Feel free to call on us at anytime. You'll soon be as addicted to running as the rest of us. You go girl! :-D

  • Ah Vikicats that is a lovely thing to say. Yes I'll think of that when the cars pass me too.

  • Yes I really like this. There are only a few mean people out there. I've been surprised at how many colleagues are impressed especially as I tend to feel a bit of an imposter. One of my nicest runs was the one when I smiled at acknowledged everyone I passed. Must have been feeling really high that day.

  • Well done for starting!!! Forget about the people in the cars and everyone else. I started doing C25k 3 weeks ago,,I'm 67 and I was very self concious the first couple of time times as I was imagining the people who saw me were thinking 'what does she think she's doing at her age'. Then I gave myself a talking to and now I imagine they're thinking - 'wow! good for her' - what they actually think is immaterial, I am enjoying myself!

    OK - at my age, and having around 50 years of not running to make up for, I'm not being too rash. I'm still doing week 1 runs as I want to be completely sure I'm ready to move on ...next week I hope..but it's great and I feel so much better.

    Forget about everything and just enjoy your runs.


  • I started off feeling self-conscious, but now after 6 months I don't care at all, and I also realise that when you run you take no notice of other runners, so they probably aren't looking at me either. I've just recently found a teach-yourself Spanish CD which is on my walkman, so as I jog I am learning and saying out loud the words & phrases I'm trying to remember. So to anyone watching I may look completely mad, but I don't care & it's a brilliant way of not focussing on the running anymore - 6 k passes without me even realising, which I never thought I'd be able to say! As for people in cars, everyone here has already said the fact that if they comment, it's probably only because they have a guilty conscience about not running themselves. Just go for it, you'll soon lose any inhibitions, and think how much more energy you'll have for your children as you get fitter. Good luck & keep us posted on here!

  • I run on the tredmill in the gym now but I still get a bit like that too, old habits! BUT at first I was so much worse when you actually get into your runs just think to yourself it's between you and you ;) it's no one else's buisness! And you'll soon realise that people really don't care what you're doing either haha.

  • Xx thank you : )

  • Oh I totally understand the feeling stupid thing - for the first 3 weeks I ran before it got light, out in the empty back fields, and tried to hide when I met dog walkers! I don't know why it is, really. I have, however, finally ventured out onto the road for week 4, though always hoping that no-one I know will come past - I'm still running at weird times. But yes, as someone said further up - I'm always jealous when I'm driving and pass runners, so let's hope that they all feel that way. Lots and lots of good luck, and one day we'll be doing it in broad daylight with flashy bright trainers on instead of trying to fade into the background!

  • : ) : ) glad it's not just me than haha xxxx ooooo I hope so, I try to stay near civilisation and only run with one head phone then I can hear people...

  • Well done! I am on week 3 and surprised at how much I can see myself progressing, I feel different and I am so glad I did it! keep going it will be worth it!

  • Well done you, everybody's success makes me feel positive x I will do it. My goal is a picture of me completing a half marathon with a medal haha. Hopefully I can make that a reality next year x

  • I will do x

  • Well done for getting underway. Be proud of yourself. I ran along no-through roads where there was very little traffic for a while so no-one saw me. If you need to stay at home you can exercise in the day using the NHS Strength and Flex programme which also has Laura joining in with you. For weight loss ask about the Healthy Weight sessions at the doctors, they're free and 1:1 with your own health advisor - four weeks in I've lost nine pounds. Go for it! Join us all with Laura!

  • Thanks for this, I didn't even know about nhs programme or doctors, I'll look into this x

  • I for one, am MASSIVELY proud of you.

    I will say that drivers don't care about how you look (and I'm sure you look fine, actually) as long as you don't get in their way. They are the ones in their tin boxes whilst you are getting on with something very worthwhile. You are making sure you are a physically fit mun, and that is so wonderful.

    If you have any doubts or worries, please watch 'Running for my existence' on Youtube. What Roger has achieved is so inspirational. I know many runnier who have been inspired by him.

    Good luck, and remember that you have the whole C25K community behind you at every step of the way.

    Good luck, and keep us posted.

    PS. One bit of advice ~ get some decent running shoes. They are the only remotely expensive bit of kit you need, and if you buy last seasons styles (and who knows they are?) they are much cheaper. Also, get a free gait analysis done at your local running shop. Sweatshop, Go Outdoors etc all do them. At the very least, do the 'wet foot' test' ~ instructions on line.

  • Thank you so much x I've become sick last few days but alls I can think about is my next run. I know where we have a shop but I'll need to save a bit first

  • Get well soon! Running shoes do not need to be expensive ~ my first ones were Asics, which I bought from Sports Direct for a little over £20. They have now done hundreds of miles, and still have some life left in them.

    OK, I have also bought some Brooks trail running shoes, but that is because I now trail run too.

    Keep going and enjoy your running. It doesn't matter it you only start by doing a few yards and progress from there; just keep at it, and remember how proud we are of you.

  • Hope you're feeling better now. Keep going. Your progress will give you pride and even more positive feelings about yourself. Well done. Let us know how it's going. My shoes were under £30 at the local Nike factory outlet. I've even dared to move into proper running leggings from there now! Never thought I'd see the day I went out running voluntarily in the rain and enjoyed it. Keep us up to date.

  • P.S. Your children look lovely!

  • I worried too being somewhat overweight myself until the other night my children's music teacher said he'd seen me running and I thought to myself right on!

    You are getting out there and doing yourself a lot of good and as your children get older they'll be proud of you and take on your attitude to fitness - so you're doing them good too.

    I can assure you nobody will think you look stupid and you'll be amazed how quickly you'll get fitter.

  • Hi Jennyprano just a little background on me.....I am 5 foot 9.5 and I'm 16 stone 1.5lbs so i too am overweight.

    First of all well done for starting its the hardest thing to start running!

    I would maybe try seeing if you can go out early in the morning as i find it gives me more energy throughout the day.

    Trust me there is no need to feel stupid or self conscious, most people are too involved in their own dramas to give you a second glance.

    and if they do so what? you doing something to help your health and be better about yourself and anybody who says anything nasty are usually deeply unhappy with their own lives so feel the need to put others down.

    i run early in the morning so i rarely see other people as i cant stand jogging with dog walkers and kids in my way as i like to get in my own head space but the few times i have encountered people was other runners who have given me a wave across the road and pedestrians have always been very supportive and said some really lovely things to me as i huffed and puffed past them wobbly bum and all.

    so get out there, listen to laura and ignore the doubters and we are all here for you xxxx

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