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Hi just joined and started the c25k, i always thought i was quite fit with walking to work each day and being able to keep up with my 3 kids but how wrong i was, i did the 1st run without any problems but really struggled with the 2nd this morning i think because the app crashed and i didn't have Laura's encouragement lol, i will just keep going and repeating week 1 until comfortable with it as i'm in no rush and don't want to overdo it and get unmotivated like i have done in the past.



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11 Replies

  • Really well done in starting Steve and for getting out there for the first run. I think the first one was the hardest and you've done it now. Your attitude is spot on. Just keep going and listen to Laura, run very, very slowly, repeat runs if you need do, stretch and take your rest days.

    This is a brilliant, life changing programme and there are thousands of addicted people here who all started with that first run. It's a very supportive, friendly community so please keep posting and telling us about your progress, or if you have any questions or concerns then this is the place to come.

    Keep at it and you won't regret it and in all likelihood, like most of us here, will wonder why you didn't do it earlier!

    Enjoy the ride!

  • Well done for starting :) I was an avid dog walker, could walk an average of 3.8 mph for around 4 miles but I tried week one and had no chance! I decided to up my walking pace a wee bit more for 2 weeks, tried again and just about managed a week 1 achievement!

    Just keep going until you feel you've achieved the weeks runs then move on. As you say, better take your time than stop or be injured. Good luck :)

  • Try the podcasts in place of the app - they tend to be mor reliable.

    Good luck!

  • Well done...out there and started!

    Reallt slow and really steady as everyone will tell you.. you will get there :)

  • Hi Steve, very well done for getting started on C25K and good luck with the programme, it's brilliant and... Addictive! You'll do great - keep it up!

  • That's the way Steve . Slow and steady , nowt wrong in repeating any runs if you need to .

    Keep at it , you've done the hardest step in getting up and getting out there .

    Keep going , you're doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks for all the encouragement i have just been for another week 1 run which went way better than mondays, i downloaded another c25k app and and listened to music this time as well which really helped rather than keep looking at the stopwatch on my phone because the other app crashed i would even go as far as to say i enjoyed tonights run a tiny bit lol.

  • Well i finished week 1 on fri night it felt a bit harder than wed nights run, i think as my legs are still getting used to moving rather than laying on a couch covered by a nice warm fleece blanket all night,i was going to stay on week 1 for a while but think on tomorrow nights run i will start week 2 and see how it goes.

  • Well done Steve! You've done the first week so definitely move on to the second. And you're right. Your legs will get used to running. Just keep going nice and slowly. Keep posting and let us know how you're getting on.

  • Thanks i have done about 3/4 runs on week 1 now but am going to do 1 more tonight as i downloaded another app which tracks the distance /calories used etc and only used it on the last 2 runs so want to get all 3 recorded on that then will start week 2 on wed night.

  • Well i did another w1 run tonight so i have 3 week 1 run results stored on my app can't wait to start week 2 wed as the walks in between the runs are worse than the runs on my lower legs,my lungs and my breathing are fine it's my lower legs that don't want to play ball hopefully they will be ok in a week or so when more used to it.


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