Couch to 5K

hubby doesn't understand!!!

Completed wk1r1 on Sunday and felt amazed with myself so much so that I completed wk2r1 yesterday (I know, I know - I should leave a day in between but I wanted to see what I was capable of).

When I completed wk1 I ran into the house to let everybody know and my husband looked as if I'd grown two heads!!!! You'd think he'd have been more impressed by his wife who used to be nearly 15stone and could't walk up the stairs without gasping for breath!!

When I completed run1 of wk 2 last night, I couldn't believe it - alright sweat was dripping from places I didn't know I could sweat from but I still DID IT and yet again, hubby just doesn't understand what a mega achievement it is.

At the moment, I feel as if I am standing 15ft high and that I can take on the world. I just want to go back out there and run. This site has helped me immensely and when I find I am struggling at any point, I just think of everyone on here and how far we have all come/are going to go.

Thanks for reading and good luck.

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Well done you, you be proud of what you have achieved you're off the couch and doesn't it feel good. :)


I think unless you have been through that first week and have felt that huge sense of achievement, you won't appreciate it fully.

After all it is not just the run, it is everything surrounding it: the planning, plucking up the courage to go out on the first run, a myriad other thoughts and doubts -and then that massive rush of emotions afterwards.

You should be very very proud of yourself. You are amazing.


I know exactly how you feel lancslass, and once you get started on c25k it becomes addictive. Luckily there are lots of folks here who also know what you mean and offer fantastic support and encouragement. I would definitely recommend you take that rest day now - your muscles need the chance to repair themselves or you risk injury and undoing all your best intentions. I did a bit too much on my rest day yesterday and found my first run of week 2 to be really tough today as a result. Best of luck and keep sharing your progress.


Well done you - I am on week 7 and trying hard to lose some weight, well, not that hard - I have decided to pretty much ignore the scales - since I started c25k I have really noticed my legs toning up and feel much more positive - which isn't bad when you are nearly 13 stone. (I was over 17 at the end of last year) but I just wanted you to know, if I can get to week 7 - so can you - good luck and go for it!!!!!!


Well done you! You know now much of an achievement it is just to get out there and do it even if hubby does not appreciate it! When I started I did not even tell my OH and got away with it until about week 4. There are other stealth runners out there (see a previous thread)! Most were worried that others would laugh or sabotage their efforts or that they would not stick with the programme and would feel foolish if they stopped. You're out of the running closet so ahead of many of us already! Maybe your OH thinks it is just a flash in the pan but you just go ahead and SHOW him you're serious. Bet he will be impressed when you can do 5K (and if you stick with this programme you WILL!).

As Meitjie says Be Proud but also be careful! If you're not used to running you really do need your rest days to allow your body to repair and adapt or you risk injury. It's great to walk, swim or cycle on 'rest' days but take it easy on running - just at first. BTW bet your hubby will like the fit, energetic new you in time - mine does! Might even inspire him to get off the couch too! Good luck!


Do take your rest days, lancslass. You can still exercise by swimming, walking, dancing or cycling but rest days are important. Why not persuade husband to come for a brisk walk (flat route) so your body is still building up stamina and heart and lung capacity during your rest days ready for your runs.


Awww thanks everyone - you are all amazing. Just to let you know I have been a complete and utter lazy cow today and caught up on my soaps all day but on saying that, I am feeling a tad guilty now and wondering what to do tonight to burn off all the stodge I've eaten lol

Just a note for happyharris - really really well done on your weight loss - doesn't it feel amazing? I have lost 2 stone but am at a standstill atm but like you, I can definitely feel some bits toning up and my shape is definitely changing so that's all good. Here's to us all. Thanks guys


Wow lanclass you got bitten by the bug really early on didn't you!?! Well done on getting off the couch, I thought it was one of the hardest parts, that and going out of the front door. I was convinced I couldn't break into that jogging motion. Then I ended up gasping for air, probably because I was so shocked that my legs were in fact managing to jog. You carry on feeling proud of yourself we are all proud of one another's achievements on here. Some people take to it like a duck to water, others need a little more time to get through the programme but at the end of the day you have done it for yourself so you have the right feel proud. We will look forward to hearing how you are getting on.

Oh nearly forgot to say, please take your rest days though, you will have much more chance of getting the programme completed without injury delays by sticking with Laura's advice. Good luck.


Yes, do have those 'repair and prepare' days. After all, if it is that good (and it is), you want to be in it for the long haul.

I was a stealth C25Ker and my husband reacted almost as if I had taken up smoking when I did tell him what I was doing. Anyway, fast forward to last night. We're in the car as they are going to the start point of a one way walk. I'm in my running gear and lacing up my shoes. "What are you going to do?" he enquired. How I resisted the temptation to say I was planning a swim in the canal I do not know... but it's like you say, do it for yourself.

Well done, the humid weather doesn't make it easier.


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