Couch to 5K

An all weather runner?

Hello everyone!!

After a so-so day at work and a great chat to a friend on the way home I was in the mood for a nice run......

so I think I have nearly done the round of weather with this running lark:



Snow, ice and slush



blazing heat ( today)

combo of above

Is there anything left?

I think the worst has to be the was flipping awful....sweat sweat and flaming cheeks. Only managed just under 5K and we had to go to the corner shop for a lolly after. I still haven't recovered. What do people do in the middle east, I dread to think?

Happy hot running everyone


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Hiya, yes...agree! Who'd have thought when we were all moaning about icicles on our noses, and feet soaked by thunderstorms, that we'd be beaten in post grad runs by blazing heat?

Single layer clothes and MP3 player on an armband are still far too much clothing......and, ewww, that complete lack of circulating air is gruelling! I'm drinking gallons of water - still not feeling properly hydrated .... and will doubtless need to get up thru the night... :(

I usually love and look forward to summer as much as anyone, but this heat is exhausting me this year (now I'm in my first year of running). How is everyone else coping?

Phew, Linda x


I know... Awful isn't it that we are finding the heat hard... But we just aren't used to it. I loved the early days if running in all that snow glistening in the light of my head torch.. Well perhaps by the Christmas we will all be doing marathons by then??!!!


The heat does manage to drain the energy out of you incredibly quickly - which is why I stick with running in the early morning. But even so the starting temperature is around 21C here at the moment and if I'm still running when the sun is out then I start to fry (eek, isn't that what happens to vampires?).

What I used to do in another sporting lifetime was to spray water on my face and vest/T shirt which has a wonderfully cooling effect for a time. You can really appreciate the racers who just upend the water bottle over their heads as they are running along.

Just hope there's a bit of breeze coming off the sea tomorrow morning.


How perfect to be running by the sea.. And good idea I'm going to take water next time just to upend over myself!


I ran at 8pm last night and 7am on Saturday morning as I know I won't be able to run in the heat. My friends give me strange looks when I say I don't like the hot weather as it's no good for running!


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