Really Emotional Run

I just ran 5k and cried 4 times during it and twice on the way home. Only it wasn't proper crying as i was dehydrated and had wasted what little fluid i had on sweat.

I was hung over and tired after spending most of yesterday walking and i really pushed myself when i wanted (and nearly did) to go home back to bed.

I think pushing my body to go beyond what i wanted made me emotional. Am i the only one to have teary runs sometimes?

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  • Nope, I get that sometimes. Think it's to do with endorphins.

  • Definately not & often for no apparent reason too, although it sometimes works in the opposite way.

    I expected to & hoped I would cry on my run yesterday as I'd had some upsetting news & wanted to run it out, but nope nothing. Not even 1 wee tear... Go figure. ๐Ÿ˜•

  • I've not cried on a run yet, but am due to graduate tomorrow, so reserve the right to weep like a baby.

    Running with a hangover is hellish surely. I'm just back from Glastonbury and my poor abused body was so full of booze, fags and partying, my first run after I returned home must have left a little cloud of pure toxicity behind me.

  • have to admit on graduation run last year I did and have since on running some PB's and probably will when I can return to running 5k after a slow return from injury ... although running is being part of a huge family ,running is such a personal thing we all have different reasons for running :D :D

  • I have on a few occasions - but I cry very easily anyway, especially when happy or moved by something! Have just run for the second time since a 6 week stint on the injury couch and although I am taking things very carefully (pathetically carefully really!) until I know my calf is ok, I did feel quite teary this morning - just to be back out there!

  • You are definitely not the only one. At the particularly sad end of an audiobook I was listening to I was sobbing so hard I couldn't breathe and had to stop running altogether.

  • I've not had this! (yet!) Glycogen depletion? Do you run in a fasted state? It sounds kind of like "The wall" but without the legs of lead...

  • Thanks everyone. Ita nice to know I'm not the only one!

    I do run on quite an empty stomach so that could be linked but i am also a very sensitive person who cries at books/films etc easily. Maybe a mixture of both.

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