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Weight gain and beginning running

Ok so last year when I started running i remember losing weight steadily and pretty much eating what I wanted. This year getting back and starting the program I have actually put weight on ..... I think, well it's not as simple as that. I gained a couple of pounds then lost them then gained them, it's so confusing. I don't do diets, but opt for an everything in moderation plan and have adjusted that even, but still weight is fluctuating.

Now I'm aware that gaining some muscle can have you weighing a little heavier, but, today i was dismayed to jump on the scales (not something i do everyday or obsessively) and weighed 14st 2.4, went for run and just out of interest weighed again at 13st 12.6, yes there's water loss due to sweat, but what a difference!

Is anybody else going through this, or has been through this frustrating time? Just completed w6r2 today and th days when am not running I walk my dogs 3 miles so I think my exersize regime is pretty good.

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Hi! I found that I had a lot of stay the same/couple of lb's on then off again after I got to week 5 onwards of C25K (I started it just after starting weight watchers); but my shape did change fairly constantly even through that time period; clothes fitted better/got looser. Since graduating and doing 5k 3x a week, then B210K in preparation for the Olympic Park anniversary run tomorrow my weight has steadily come down and I am now just into the 15 stones (2st 11lb lost so far). The last couple of weeks I have been trying out My Fitness Pal app alongside WW and find that quite motivational as every time you close it says how much you will weight in 5 weeks if every day is like today!

Good luck in your running and weight loss (I dream of being in the 14's still!) :-)

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I'll 2nd myfitnesspal, even if you're not dieting you'll find it informative. Running doesn't burn enough calories to give you a license to eat :-( I reckon a snickers equals 3km (more or less)


I am at the start of wk 4 couch to 5k. I have a similar problem. I don't want to diet as such as I am prone to under eating. And have to watch myself. My weight is steady but would like to see it go down. Hopefully I will follow poppy 2010. Good to hear some positive responses. Thanks rfcx


I am very overweight and, theoretically the weight should come off fairly easily but it doesn't :( I have started my fitness pal (MFP) in addition to running and quite a lot of other exercise commitments and, finally, the weight is coming off very slowly. MFP is a really good, free program and does give some real eye openers. Back to your question, yes my weight varied wildly day to day (I never tried before and after a run) but my shape and size both improved whatever the weight was doing :)


firstly check there is no medical reasons why you would be gaining weight, then take a magnifying glass to your diet and see what you are actually eating as opposed to what you think you are eating, then as long as you are healthy and happy keep running be happy :-)


Got weighed this morn and weight has come down to 13 10.8, which is more like it. I have a feeling that i was retaining water with the weather being so hot, add to that building a little muscle from running. My diet is fine and am actually eating less than i was when I was losing weight. I eat in moderation, but could probably drink more water than i should. I have the odd sugary treat now and then, but mostly eat a balanced diet.

Perhaps weight watching as such isn't a good thing and you should just go with how your body is feeling, which is very very sweaty and bloody knackered atm as have just ran w6r3 and a little bit more. Will right up my blog straight after a shower.

Many thanks everyone for your input :)


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