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Wk5 r2 done and dusted

Wk5 r2 done and dusted

Woooohooo after Monday I was having doubts if I would get out again this week, but I did.

I got running kit ready last night. Then proceeded to have a really rough night. Sleep issues are a big part of M.E. So around 6.30am this morning I decided I would be best if I just slept. I woke up at 8.30 and decided why not give it a go, dog obviously needed a walk anyway.

I waited til after 9 before setting off. I like to go out either super early (between 6 - 7) or after 9 though I prefer super early. I do this because then there are less dog issues it's annoying having to stop to keep putting my dog on his lead.

It was hard today the first run was ok but the second interval I really felt it those last few minutes, if anything I would have preferred not to have been told four minutes, prior to that I was running in blissful ignorance, as soon as I found out there was four more minutes to go it was like I'd hit treacle. But I slowed down and kept going.

This is the first time in ages that I've really felt it.

And I was pretty pleased with my average pace - 18.39 min/mile in fact I looked when I was running and it said about 15 min/mile (no idea if that's any good, but for me it is on a plain walk I average 25 min/mile well with stopping to deal with dog stuff).

I need to work out how to properly program runkeeper to track the intervals, but my phone struggles with the app I can manage to find gps and start that's about it lol

Not sure I'm ready for run 3 yet, will see how my body reacts and then maybe repeat today's run.

Yay actually running

P.s cause I'm with my dog I do extra walking

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I wondered how on earth I was going to run for 20 mins without stopping, but I was determined to give it my all and the elation I felt after completing it was amazing and well worth the effort. The first 5 minutes are tough, well for me it was, but then I found my stride just after and when I got tired, I pushed through it as Laura said .. and felt fantastic :)

Give it a go and good luck xxx


Thanks I will get there. Still debating if I need to repeat r2 I'm juggling disability with running so taking the program slow


Well done for getting this run under your belt. I know it must be hard for you coping with the ME as well. Do your third run when you feel ready and bear in mind it is not so bad as it may at first seem. It's do-able in any case. Good luck when you are ready for it and my best wishes to you.


Thanks. I think I might cope better going out earlier when it's also cooler I don't tolerate heat :(


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