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404 Error

Just a heads up, and I am not sure if this on your end, or my Firefox Beta end (which wouldn't surprise me) but, after completing my blog post I was trying to attach a picture, which didn't work. There was no upload button once I had selected it. Anyway I went back from preview mode to edit mode and landed square in the middle of a 404 Error page. Backed up my browser and was greeted by an empty blog box. Like I am said I am not sure if this is not just my FF failing me again, but I wanted to give a heads up.

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Theres a limit on the size of pics for uploading onto this site so perhaps your pic had too many Mb.


That is a possibility, just a shame it kicked me off to an error page instead of creating a warning script on the actual page. Thanks for your response.


It's doing the same to me ....not sure what the problem is :(


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