Week 13 - Marathon Training - quick update

Been absent for a few weeks - nothing major - just busy!! Kids taken up my time with exams and all their extra -curricula stuff - work v stressy and its end of year- so everyone v grumpy trying to get contracts and finance sorted. And I and a few blissful days in Spain. I am not quite on target with my runs - but I have managed some v hilly runs.

Been to gym this morn and TA -Dah- tomorrow is my final longest run. having been dreading the long runs each week (like an albatross sitting on my back)- I am now quite excited to be doing the last one. In celebration - I have been updating my music - Thin Lizzy, Talking Heads, Stones- couple of more modern ones kings of leon, Voodoo child and some Salsa.

18 miles tomorrow - which me luck :-)


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30 Replies

  • Good luck. Sounds like it's all going well and even with all thats going on you still sound on top of it all. Well done. Happy running.

  • Thank you for your good wishes :-)

  • Well done! All the best for the next stage. I'm sure you'll do it ...and the actual race. You cheered me on with C25K and it worked :-).

  • Thank you Lycra - wondered where you had been. Good to hear from you and thank you so much for your good wishes:-)

  • 18 miles! That is just amazing. You have done so well.

    Keep it up

  • Thank you so much Nerdio

  • Crikey me that sounds a hell of a distance! You must be really improving your local knowledge! I bet there's not a street, footpath or trail you don't know about! I was running to Voodoo Child yesterday but I didn't get on too well with it, nor Along the Watchtower. I love both of them but just not to run to. I did like the instrumental bit in the middle of Ram Jam's Black Betty. That made me shift it.

    Good luck with the 18 miler!! You are already a winner in our eyes Suzy! Sheesh I'm lost in admiration for you. Stick with it and when you have to dig deep think of us lot urging you on

  • Thank you so much- your right a hell of a distance - i am smiling slightly hysterically at the prospect....

  • 18 mls wow Good luck

  • Thank you - just carb loading now-crisps and malt loaf....

  • Malt loaf mmmm not had for ages I love it with butter You making my mouth water

  • I want malt loaf now :-)

  • Brilliant! That's amazing! Good luck amd I hope you enjoy your run x

  • Thank you so much

  • Best of luck with it! We are all with you (in spirit ;-))

  • Thank you - much appreciated

  • Oh Marathon queen...you are doing so well....I am so excited for you!!! Blimey thats alot of miles to do tomorrrow ...good luck, and when it gets hard just picture all of us behind you cheering and pushing you on....music sounds fab too :)

  • Thanks JJ - that is wonderful support and great imagery- will draw on that tomorrow:-)

  • On you go Suzy Benj, I sure the albatross will help you fly along your 18 miles - awesome

  • aaah - that is the way to think of albatross's - as wings--will bear that in mind tomorrow:-)

  • not long now suzybenji my freinds doing his last run on sun before tapering hope its not talking heads road to nowhere had on my ipod and came on whille doing my long run lucky it was at the end. your doing great have a great run tomorrow

  • Ha ha - it does include road to nowhere- but that is ok as the road is to nowhere....as well as psycho killer - a good blend I think :-)

  • By the way I'm doing a v long run home from work... At about 2.30... Wasn't sure if that's when you are running but I thought we could run 'virtually' together and spur each other on?!!

  • :-) I am off very soon. Rice crisps and banana and then I will be off. Bag packed with lots of goodies and importantly visual aids to get me round. You guys cheering me on--You will be in my thoughts as you have been such a great and consistent supporter.

    Good luck with your long run - i will (hopefully) be in the bath - having a long satisfied soak :-)

  • Go Marathon queen.. I'm right behind you... And you might find my mantra helpful 'push that body punish that body'.. It really helps me... Good luck and you must let us know how it goes...

  • Good luck!

  • Thank you - just contemplating it now

  • I'm sure you'll have a fantastic last long run, enjoy, not long now :-)

  • 18 miles? Gor blimey, guvnor!! Good to see you still out there and giving it welly. Best of luck with the 18 miler, you're doing really well in this marathon preparation.

  • I can't get the thought of malt loaf out of my head now. Picture of lovely plate of the stuff at the finish line. I might run faster for that lot especially if I thought there'd be none left for me if I was last (which I would be by the way) Malt loaf, gotta have it ......

    I made some recently from a Googled recipe. Made with real ale, and it is so delicious it should be illegal. I daren't make it again.

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