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Starting to get used to 25 minute runs... W6R3 + W7R1!


I think I found W6R3 much easier than W7R1 because of the adrenaline. I sort of expected the run to be hard, so I had kind of prepared myself for it. But with W7R1, I had already done the 25 minutes, so it seemed a lot harder. Not sure if that made sense at all but oh well! ;)

I can't believe how far I have come! It really is down to you guys, motivating me and supporting me and advising me, so thank you. I can't believe I am so near the end now! I remember writing my first blog, rambling on about W3R1 and saying that I was proud of myself for running 3 minutes. Only 4 weeks later, and that 3 has turned into 25. Wowee!

Just out of interest, is anyone else doing the race for life 5k run?

Sorry for the sentimental blog today, I was in that kind of mood haha

~ Olivia

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Ahhh well done you!

I'm literally just about to go out for W7R1 and I'm feeling the same as you, I'm sure I'm going to struggle more because I know I can do it, I'm worried about skewing my pace and having to walk.

This programme is amazing, I can't believe we're running for 25 minutes when we couldn't manage more than 5 just a few weeks ago! (I genuinely didn't think I'd get past week 1!)

I'm doing the Race for Life in mid-June. When's yours? Hoping to manage a slow but steady 5k, not expecting miracles though!

piggyland1Graduate in reply to Marsyface

I'm not sure whether to do the mid june one, or mid august? Hmm.. what do you think? If it's mid june I will be doing the 5x50 challenge (too late I know, I'm just doing it for myself haha) and mid-august I will be near the end of B210K according to my plans, so probs better to do the mid june one.

Ok I guess mine is the same time as yours aha! I will book onto it asap!

piggyland1Graduate in reply to piggyland1

Oh and good luck for your 5K :) remember its not the time that matters, its just getting through the 5K! (although, lets not lie, a good time would be nice haha!)

MarsyfaceGraduate in reply to piggyland1

Thanks! This being my first 5k I'll be happy to just get through it but if I do any others I know I'll want a better finish time!

Have you booked yours? Good luck!!!


Well done! I found the Week 7 Run 2 much tougher, but I took an additional day's rest before Run 3 - that really helped. If you feel Run 2is difficult, feel free to take an additional day off. Go for it!

piggyland1Graduate in reply to CouchCarrot

Thanks for the advice! It seems it is much more a mental challenge than physical, but I'll see how I feel :)


I did W7R1 yesterday and deliberately changed my route to avoid worrying about my timings and milestones. I think I've gone passed missing the walks now, I start running and I'm happy plodding along. I don't think I'll every achieve great speeds but I'm keen up try greater distances so have looked into the B210k.

Without this community I think I may have lost interest/ motivation early on. Learning from other runners (yes we are all runners) and the support has been invaluable.

No race for life for me, but I'm planning a park run as my graduation run.

Good luck with the rest.

piggyland1Graduate in reply to Twedders

Once I graduate I'm looking to improve the speed of my 5K and then do B210K, but of course we all want different things!

That's a really good idea to do the park run as your grad run, I might do that as well haha! Thanks!


It's great that you're doing well with the 25 minutes - not long now until you'll be graduating! I'm signed up for Race For Life - I've decided to treat myself and do the Hyde Park one on 14th July - eeek! I will go and do a Parkrun before then to get the idea of running with other people, as normally I am a solitary runner. All the best - keep blogging to let us know how it's going for you :)

piggyland1Graduate in reply to Anniemurph

I know, I can't believe how quick the last 7 weeks have gone!

Ooo good idea, I will do that as well, to get an idea of running around other people (to be honest I don't think I will like it haha).

Thanks for your support :)

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