Couch to 5K

just done wk7 /r3

the wks are flying by now just about to start my wk 8. today i did the last run on wk7 .then treated my self to a swim it was fab . felt realy good and proud of my self for doing the runs and not stopping.have to rest tomorrow to get ready for wk8 r1 . i dare not listen to it yet will just be dog walking tomorrow . ;-) . hope all the non believers believe they can do this as if you would of told me 7 wks ago i would be running for 25 mins non stop i would laughed. ;-)

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Congratulations i hope to be in you shoes soon enough,just did my first run of week one and i cant picture myself running for 25 mins at all.


You are not alone. If you read the blogs, the majority of us new runners couldn't fathom the thought of running for such extended periods of time. Just stick with the program, and your confidence and stamina will build as you conquer each challenge.

There is no way to fail with this program, because you do it at your own pace. Three sessions of each podcast is just a suggestion, but if you feel like you need to stay with a certain one for longer, then do so. The goal is for you to be able to run for 30 minutes non-stop no matter how many weeks it takes for you to achieve that level.

Personally, I did Week 1 four or five times before moving on. Today I did Week 7 Run 2, and ran for 35 minutes (I always try to do extra). Pretty soon you will be writing posts just like Zee11's.


i felt just the same seemed a million miles away .


Zee11, this is fantastic news! You are just storming along with this program. I bet you could do 30 minutes now, and not just 25.

Your words are very encouraging for others. Keep up the great work and attitude.


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