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W9R1...and it's raining "breakthroughs"!

Since W1R1 my breathing has been what I will euphemistically call "difficult". Forget breathing patterns, I'm lucky to get enough oxygen to remain conscious. As the runs got longer, I was becoming more and more suspicious of my old bug-a-boo, asthma. Specifically, EXERCISE INDUCED asthma. More info here....

After an 8 week draught, it rained last night...the "cats and dogs" type enough to put the humidity at 80% this morning and the "breakthroughs" type enough to convince me that the only way I was going to be able to run 30 minutes was by using my asthma inhaler.

Wow....what a difference. Except for "the HILL", I barely wheezed. I felt so good that when I looked at my Garmin I did a said "32:11". I had added another loop to my course, aiming for 5k eventually, so I continued...running. Final tally, "36:26, 4.5k"

I'm happy...

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Wow! Well done, Grammadog! Keep using that inhaler, it seems to be working like a charm for you! :)


Nice one Grammadog :-)


I am still so impressed by all that you do !!


Go Girl! Fantastic! Great to hear you are back running. Just looked at your 'about me' profile and what can I say - Total RESPECT!


Well done you, having suffered from asthma all my life (whooping cough as a baby) I don't have the option NOt to take my inhalers before exercise. They do help, they stop the onslaught of a bad attack so take a couple of puffs before a run. Its not admitting defeat, its being sensible because a bad attack while out jogging could be nasty.

Well done, keep going your just about there. I've got my bottle in the fridge cooling to celebrate with you. :)


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