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Encouraged by all the positive posts and success stories

Hi, i started C25k this week, the 1st session was so hard..i was sweating buckets and my face went purple but i cannot tell you how pleased i to complete it. I am using a treadmill ATM as not brave enough to run outside, (plus i recall the doctor telling me some years ago (last attempt at gym) that i have some kind of asthma that makes me cough till im sick if i exercise outdoors) i still coughed hard for about an hour after my 1st session but on the 2nd it wasnt too bad.

For the record i am a 16st man of 41, 5`8 and a smoker, i also drink too much and until now took no exercise at all, having a desk job. All of this i am trying to change..hence finding myself on here.

My main problem is breathing, i am literally gulping in air and feel i cant breathe, i dont really know if this is an asthma issue as i don't use an inhaler or anything and only suffer with breathing when i try exercising or go out in cold air from warm and vise versa.

I just wanted to say im glad i have found this site as it truly is inspiring.

P.S am i the only bloke on here? lol

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You're not the only bloke, the ladies are better at blogging, that's all! :)

Your summary reads similar to mine, and I cannot emphasise enough how worth while it is to stick with it. It isn't ever easy, but the finish feels better with every run.

Don't make too many drastic lifestyle changes all at once, just change everything, a little at a time :) .

Happy running and blogging!



Hiya....fantastic that you've started. I have copd and found the breathing really tough when I started (in the winter). It might be worth a visit to dr to get an inhaler...just a puff or two half hour before you start might open up the airways. My breathing is alot better now. When I first start running I gulp for air, but after about five mins it settles back down. Good luck x


Good for you! I wish you every success and hope you will return to update us on your progress. As goes breathing I would also advise checking it out with the doc, but as your body adapts you will probably find it gets easier (this can take a while). Enjoy the programme! :-)


Always worth checking with doctor if you have concerns about breathing. Welcome to C25K, you've done the hardest part by making a start. Take it steady and make your lifestyle changes a bit at a time, as already suggested on here. All the very best with your programme and do let us know how you get on.


Congratulations on making the first step - begin the C25K programm! I hope it'll change your life like it did for mine in such a positive way!! Be prepare to catch the running bug!! ;-)


Good luck. When you're further along with the programme it's amazing to look back on that first run and remember how impossible it was! But there are many, many people on here (I can't be the only one, right?) who had to do things like stop and sit down halfway through that first run, gasping for breath. So you're doing fine.

If you don't yet have an inhaler it might be worth it to get one, as I think it would help with the fear of not being able to catch one's breath. Then that would be one less thing to worry about. I know it makes me quite scared and I never run without my inhaler, but now, only two weeks in, I don't need to use it when running.


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