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It's raining!

Don't tell me we didn't have a good summer! I started the C25K at the beginning of August (nothing to do with the olympics, it's just when I found out about it). This morning is the first time it has rained during one of my scheduled runs.

But I still went out. At 7am. In the pitch black! Crikey, it was dark. It was still dark on the final off road bit, I was hoping it would be starting to get light then (so I could see where I was putting my feet), but I must have been eager to get out this morning!


3.28 miles (5.29k)

33:22 mins (Ooooh, I'm so close to cracking the 10 minute mile! :-) )

One bloody minded car swishing puddle all over me. (If anyone knows someone who drives a light coloured Jaguar (the same shape as the Sovereign/XJ6) Reg number JD03 (didn't get the rest of the number plate) who would have been driving through Caterham this morning just after 7, please chastise them for getting me even wetter than I already was.

Final thoughts. I'm not in the ranks of those of you that enjoy running in the rain, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it could be. So unless it's totally pelting down and blowing a gale, you'll probably find me out there again!

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Well done you!! I get a strange delight out of running in the rain but yes, not the heavy driving stuff and I hate the wind so the two together would be a no no for me!

My break from work starts tomorrow so am really looking forward to a morning run in the daylight before the craziness of hitting the shops.....



Thanks, Beads! I'm on here looking for the kick up the backside I need to get me out there in the rain and dark! Your blog has done it - just going to get changed! Know I'll feel better after it - I need something to assuage the guilt of two bits of stollen and a mince pie! :)


Just back, soaked to the knickers but strangely satisfied! :)


Sorry, should have read that comment before I posted it! Sounds a bit strange! :)





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