Couch to 5K


Very frustrated this morning.

Week 8 was tough work but we got through it. I started getting really bad nausea after each run which I think was down to low blood sugar, and we felt properly exhausted when we were done, but felt that we'd made progress. The extra three minutes felt like a lifetime but we did the three runs and moved on to Week 9 on Saturday.

We decided to do a different route to break the tedium and set off. It wasn't easy but I think it was better than the 28 mins as you knew you were doing the lot! We completed it first time and were very pleased with ourselves. Two runs to go!

Today is the first day of a week off for us, but we dutifully got up at 6.30am and went out for our next run. We got to just after 10 mins in and, would you believe it, my old friend Mr Rib started twanging (I have a pulled muscle on a floating rib that I thought had healed). I knew I couldn't go on for nearly 20 mins like that so I had to stop. When my fiancé doubled back it turned out he had really hurt his calf and had been thinking about stopping too so we bailed and walked home feeling very sorry for ourselves.

I am SO FRUSTRATED. I am so close to finishing the programme and I know I can run for 30 mins straight now, and I was sure that my rib was OK. Now I am worried that it is just going to act up during every run again. I had just gone back to running every other day instead of leaving two rest days between each one, and just stopped taking ibuprofen and painkillers before each run... guess it was too soon.

We were going to do the final run on Wednesday to finish off... looks like now we'll have to try this one again on Thursday instead :(


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