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Frustrated !

Last Tuesday I ran my third run of week 8 but had breast surgery on the Wednesday, so no running for me for a while. I feel so frustrated (and house bound) as I thought I was doing really well and was looking forward to graduating. I had also got my 5k time down to about 32 mins.

I walked my running route on Tuesday and it took me 47minutes and felt really deflated. I wondered if anyone has any tips for getting back to running after breast surgery, and what to do in the mean time so that I don't slip too far back.


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Sorry to hear of your surgery.

But glad youare able to walk.

In terms of walking, If your first walk was good, then do that pace for a week or two, every day if possible to keep your legs active.

And then I would start at week 1 Run 3. But this time, when Laura tells you to run, you walk briskly, ie a power walk.

As to running, I would speak to your conusltant/nurse at your next check up?



Hi Razouski . I do hope your surgery went well and you are up and about again. I would say keep up the walking, building a little each day BUT do not run until you have taken advice from your surgical team. There is a lot of healing going on and you do not want to jeopardise that by getting back to running too soon. Also , make sure you have the very best of bra support when you get back to running, and probably if you begin to walk at pace too.

Best wishes.


Aw Raz sorry to hear that news and wish you all the very best for a speedy recovery.

Walking is great for health and fitness, and will be good for keeping your fitness ticking over while you recover from your surgery. You can only do as much as you feel like, and that your healing will allow. Eat well while you recover, you need lots of goodness for a successful recovery

Also walking will give you thinking time. Time spent outdoors in the fresh air, getting wrapped up for the weather if needs be, is therapeutic I always think. I walk all the time and always feel better for it.

Keep us posted on how you are doing! Don't drop out of the loop. Keep posting and we can help you and keep you company while you recover. Hopefully before too long you'll be back to running. Take care x


Sorry to hear of your op. I have no experience of breast surgery but just want to reassure you that you will come back from a lay off. Walking sounds good and you will speed up as you recover until one day you will probably be unable to resist breaking into a trot.

Your new found fitness will help your recovery but I too would advocate speaking to your medical advisers about when and how to return to running.

Wishing you a speedy return to health.


gosh, you have been through alot. You will find it wont take you too long to get back when you are fully recovered, and I would ask the advice of your GP as to how tostep up your exercise with a view to getting running again. I wish you a speedy recovery :)


Gosh, what a blow. Good for you, aiming to get out again too!

Loads of good advice here, especially misswobble ... take it steady and slow and use the time for healing, body and mind.

I agree that to check with those who know, what you might or might not do, would be very sensible.. and keep posting your progress, even your walks,,, we are all here :)

You can laugh at our antics and plan some of your own :)


Thanks for the support and advice. I managed a 5k walk yesterday in 43 minutes, and took a different route which included a circuit of some woodland (there aren't many choices near my house and I'm not allowed to drive yet). This afternoon I went out for another 5K walk, and managed it well although the route I chose included a path across a field, which started smoothly but then turned into ploughed land and I was wobbling allover the place (I also suffer from vestibular problems including balance problems and vertigo, which I developed a year ago when I lost my hearing suddenly), but I managed to complete the walk in just over 43 minutes again, which I thought was good, as I was really slowed down by the tussocky field. However it is still quite painful so the rest of the afternoon has been spent in front of the tv.

I'm seeing my surgeon and oncologist tomorrow, so will hopefully get some advice, and I have just managed to book a session with a Macmillan Cancer Support personal trainer in a couple of weeks, so hopefully she will give me some good advice too.

I guess I just feel a bit downhearted as it was such an achievement being able to run.

Jacsw, I have been very good friends with my sports bras since my last op - I even have to sleep in them, but thanks for the advice. :-)

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Good news, the surgeon says I can get back to the gym and also a little running, but to take it easy until the pain subsides. Yesterday, dosed up with pain killers, I went for a 5K walk again and midway through felt the urge to run. I managed to run for a minute or so and was not too painful, (but as I wasn't dressed for running- jeans, t shirt, jumper, coat - couldn't really do too much as I got very hot very quickly). At least I know I may be able to start again with the programme.


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