Couch to 5K

First Run After Graduation

Well we had the Race for Life in Salisbury today but I stupidly didn't enter it and wished I had! Anyway after reading what everyone else did after graduation I decided to try and do some "interval" training with some of the earlier podcasts - get me!!. I speeded up for the 60 second bit and jogged for the walking bits and managed to get to the end with a lot of heavy breathing. Amazingly I averaged 8 minute miles instead of my usual 11.5 and covered almost 2miles. I can't believe how much fitter I actually am.

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It's amazing how quick we improve!

Well done and get yourself signed up for another race :)


Well done, I've been mixing my runs up and managed t knock 78 seconds off my PB 5K time so it does work. Enjoy :)


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