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First run after graduation


5K! Get in. Lovely run on prom last night in the sunshine. Was so bugging me that I'd finished the program but hadn't done 5K so went for it to see if I could do it. And I did! Sooooo hard but did it. Am I really slow as it took 41 minutes to do? 

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Well done, the 1st one is special 😊


My first 5 k was 38 mins, but I was pushing it and the runs immediately after graduation were between 39 and 41 mins. Two months after graduation 37 mins is reasonably comfortable and pushing it I come in at 34 mins. There are fast graduates who achieve 30 mins almost immediately and others who take 45 mins. We're all different, we all have different levels of fitness, we're all different ages and have different histories, so 41 mins is brilliant because YOU ran 5 k in that time. Congratulations👍


I was exactly the same - my first 5K was my first postgrad run. Isn't it a great feeling though! 

Seriously - congratulations :-).


Time is only relative to ourselves but my first 5k was in week 7 and was 39:58, 9 days later 41:14! :) Now 34:44, I'm 4 weeks post-grad :)

Congratulations. 5k is a huge achievement to run non-stop- and actually, more importantly, you just ran for 41 blooming minutes! Could you have imagined that in week 1?!?

Well done :) 


Thank you all. That bit about running for 41 mins has done it for me. Wow! I can run non- stop for 41 minutes when 9 weeks ago I could barely manage 1!

CentralParkGraduate in reply to Scoobydavid

Wahooooo well done you!  And yes - think about it...41 minutes running NOW compared to that first run!  I've just completed Week5, Run 3 which was the first 20 minute one - it was bloody tough but I did it - week one run one I could only manage 40 flipping SECONDS haha!  Once again WELL DONE YOU!!!! :)


41 minutes is fine, we are only competing with ourselves, therefore as long as we are not on the couch we are winning! I still remember being desperate for the voice telling me 3 minutes were up, and not so long ago either, and now 40 minutes is easier than that first 3!

CentralParkGraduate in reply to heavyhorse

Very true heavyhorse...listening and waiting and panting for Laura to say ok, that's it slow down and walk now.....ahhh...actually I didn't even make it to ONE minute that first time :(  Now I'm up to 20 - although I won't lie and say it's easy - yet ;)


Congratulations and no you're not slow mine was 44:53 and second one was 43:39.

Well done :)


Faster than me😊


Amazing for going for 41 mins regardless of distance! Well done you

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