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First post-graduation run

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All the advice has been to continue with 3 x 30min runs until I can comfortably manage 5k ( I'm doing my first ever race on 3rd Oct).

So I got the kit on after work and hit the road, with full intention of doing 30mins, and no more. But when I got to 30mins, I found that I had covered 3.9k, which is more than I've done before, and a little voice said "Go on- you can do 4k'. So I did!! It only took another minute or so, and I was thrilled to find I still had something left in the tank.

4k, non-stop!!

(A little hysterical πŸ˜ƒ)

11 Replies

Great stuff. Isn't it good, being a runner?

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Way to push on! It's amazing when you look back at W1R1 isn't it??

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RhedwrGraduate in reply to runswithdogs

It's unbelievable, in fact. How have I come this far in only 9 weeks? :)

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I am graduating on Saturday with a Parkrun, hope I manage it ok. Good for u, your body told u it was ok and you went for it! Brilliant motivation. Julie πŸ˜€

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RhedwrGraduate in reply to JoolieB1

Perfect! I graduated at Parkrun last Saturday.

Word of advice: make sure your bladder is empty before you set off ;)

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JoolieB1Graduate in reply to Rhedwr

Thanks for that tip! That is the trouble, we drink, then even when we don't need to wee,meets like we do. Will make sure I am prepared. Well done for your parkrun, I am frightened, know I can do it but it is a first for me, just going to go slow and steady 😏

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RhedwrGraduate in reply to JoolieB1

Slow and steady is the way. I managed 3.7k in my 30minute timeframe, but actually found that I was able to run most of of the remainder. Very pleased with myself! ;)

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Yesss! Well done! That little voice has got a truck load of surprises in store for you, keep running :)

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RhedwrGraduate in reply to mfamilias

Most people would be worried about little voices... but not me - I welcome them!

Sorry to be a bit 'doh' but if 3.9k is the furthest you've run before how did you graduate? Do we not achieve 5K at the end of graduation? Now I'm really confused!!!

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RhedwrGraduate in reply to

No, we aim to complete 3 x 30 minute non-stop runs in Week 9. Some people do manage 5k in 30 minutes, and some, like me, are a bit slower and need a few more runs after graduation to complete 5k in the timeframe.

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