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First 'post graduation' run

After very busy weekend managed to complete my first run since 'graduating'. Missed Laura's encouragement but with the help of an 'app' cutting in every five minutes, to give me some support though the constant drizzle, I did it!

Thank you to everyone who wished me well on Friday - it certainly boosted the achievement.

Thinking of mixing a longer run with going back over early weeks to try to increase my speed (which is really pretty slow!) Have other people found this works?

Onwards and upwards (to 5k!!)

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Hi, I'm a recent graduate too and I tried doing week 1 "fartlek-style" but found it REALLY hard! See here: couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

I'm just going to keep on trying to run 30 minutes or 5k if I can keep going long enough (it takes me 39.30 minutes to run 5k) or a little bit longer if I can bear it! Once I am more used to the effort involved in running for this length of time I WILL try to run faster but it is still such an achievement to be able to do what I'm doing. Faster will have to wait! ;-)

(P.S. I've just bought myself John Bingham's book "No need for speed" so I am waiting for it to arrive to give me all the excuses I need for being so slow!!)


The book sounds interesting! Think I may be with you on this one! =)


There's some good tips in the Runner's World Guide too. Available here:



Hey Lucy, what app have you got to cut in at the time intervals? I'm looking fr something like that cos at the moment I use the stop watch on my phone but it's a pain in the bum setting it...... Thanks!! And congrats on the graduation!!


Hi there, even though I'm only on week two I'd be interested in knowing the app too! I've been enjoying the running program so much.

Many thanks.



Hi, the app I've been using is the free version of 'Map my Run' for Android. In my area the gps doesn't work too well for distance but the voice giving the time run, works very well! Hope that helps and good luck Kathy for the rest of the program.


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